Everything is Broken

A few of my friends have asked why we are heading to Virginia and farm life. These pictures might speak to that. But, they are a little romantic, a little nostalgic. New Orleans is truly the city that care forgot. The truth is that we’ve gotten as violent as I’ve ever known New Orleans toContinue reading “Everything is Broken”

Ever South

A nother day. Another block. Another time. Another house. This is a place that I know for certain was damaged by Hurricane Katrina. I’ve watched it over the years. It follows the laws of nature with the overgrowth. In the winter, such as it is in the Gulf Coast, you can see more of theContinue reading “Ever South”

Someone and Someone

I talk a lot about nature just wanting stasis. This is a great example of that. The house was damaged during Katrina. The doors and windows are boarded up. That didn’t stop nature from retaking that little piece of land. Maybe one day the owner will return or there will be a new owner. They’llContinue reading “Someone and Someone”

Sometimes Time Bends

Time bends around this time of year. It always does. My memory brings events to the forefront. Things I had safely tucked away. It’s Mother’s Day weekend. Social media is full of pictures of other people’s moms. I probably will post one as well. It’s a signature picture. Yesterday I railed (see what I didContinue reading “Sometimes Time Bends”

Einstein, Disguised as Robin Hood

Like Desolation Row. A trip through Central City reveals a place that is still falling down despite claims that New Orleans has recovered from Hurricane Katrina. To be sure, Central City was falling apart long before the storm approached. But, it wasn’t too long into the recovery process that people were starting to talk aboutContinue reading “Einstein, Disguised as Robin Hood”

That’s Alright

I saw this place on the way to the second line. I’ve seen it before. It just never quite looked so dramatic. And, I never stooped to make a picture. Even for a few minutes. This time I did. I photographed it at about 4pm in what was pretty bright sun. Not a great time.Continue reading “That’s Alright”

Seventh Ward History

What is it? Maybe you passed by it a million times and never gave it a second thought. I did. You were always on the way to some place else. I was. But, those of us who lived in the neighborhood eventually heard its story. It is passed down through the old folks, from theirContinue reading “Seventh Ward History”

Club Desire

Okay. Here we  go. This might by the start of the “project.” Or, it might not. It might just be that too much has been lost in the fog of history. I’ll tell you what I know. With a clarification. I discover things. Usually after most people have known about them for years. Many years. ThisContinue reading “Club Desire”


Since today is officially the first day of Autumn, I thought it might be a good to wrap up some of the junk I photographed over the summer. These are the odds and ends of about six rambles through the city at all different times, over many days. Some pictures were driven by the lightContinue reading “Remains”