When? That’s what everybody wants to know. One of the things that I get paid for its my ability to understand the future. No. I’m not a seer. Not a guru. Not a clairvoyant. I simply do a lot of research. I listen a lot. All the while I’m letting the information roll around inContinue reading “Wildflower”

The Energy of Color

Just color. Back to my later origins. Back to seeing what most people can’t see. Back to leading people to their own questions. With luck, I’ll blend this with my true beginnings — photojournalism — and, I’ll make some real pictures along the line of my first summer picture. The boy on his bike withContinue reading “The Energy of Color”

One More Cup of Coffee

It’s been a while. I can’t remember the last time I photographed yellow stripes in a parking lot. I’ve actually been watching this one for a while. I started with the striping effort that city contractors did a few months back. I knew it wouldn’t last long. Nature always seeks stasis. Mankind wins. Only forContinue reading “One More Cup of Coffee”

Looking And Seeing

I read about this mural. One of the three local newspapers published a short story about it. I knew that it was located in Central City. I wasn’t sure where. Looking for it by driving around wouldn’t work. Central City is a big place. So I waited. I was relentless. I was on my wayContinue reading “Looking And Seeing”

The Day After

Something simple. Very simple. A leaf. Photographed on a simple white background. Brought to life in post production. Into something that couldn’t possibly exist in nature. A painting. Sort of. Kind of. In strange blues. And greens. Very experimental. Certainly singular. A little break from reality.  

The Distractor in Chief

Distraction. With all the big issues going on in the world — the potential of nuclear war, raging forest fires in the west, three major hurricane hits to the country, failed legislation, broken campaign promises, the Russian investigations and seemingly being at war with everybody including his own party and Congress — the sitting presidentContinue reading “The Distractor in Chief”


Sometimes you see it. Sometimes you can’t miss it. I was on my way to someplace else when this wall just reached out and hit me in the head. Right between the eyes. Sheesh. How could I miss this? I intentionally left out anything that could add scale, but the biggest circle is at leastContinue reading “Circles”

Color. Nothing But Color.

Something for a long weekend. Something bright. Something yellow. With a little help in post production to make it look painted and framed. Long weekend. Unless a picture jumps up in front of me, it’s time for a little break.


Remember the yellow picture? It’s posted on my Laskowitzpictures page on Facebook. A lot of readers have commented on it. Well. Many people think New Orleans really doesn’t change all that much. They think we are steeped in tradition.  In many ways we are. And, we probably would have remained remain that way. But, HurricaneContinue reading “Changes”