The First Day

Long ago and far away. Ten years. 1,000 miles. New Mexico is in my head. I was able to put it away for a while. OnOne archived all the work it could find on my computer’s hard drive and on one of my portables. It found images that were “lost.” They were not necessarily lostContinue reading “The First Day”

Goin’ Back

Unlike yesterday, everything could not have gone better. Everything started out well and only got better. The air was warm, but cool in the shadows. There was a gentle breeze in the air. Not much humidity. Like New Mexico. The all seeing dog woke up early and wanted to walk. That makes me happy. She’sContinue reading “Goin’ Back”


A Sunday picture. A picture to express my feelings and those around me about what happened and what’s to come. A feeling that only art can capture, A feeling that is coming close to grief. Grief for a way of life that has come to an end. A way of life that will be somethingContinue reading “Countdown”


This morning. I started by reading the last column from a young writer at who was terminated — a euphemism for fired — when the competition, The Advocate bought the newspaper and website. Because it was a purchase and take over the new owners had to give them sixty days notice. Today is theContinue reading “Changes”

More Summer

Sometimes, the light sparkles. After the rain. Even in summer. Sometimes, I see it. I saw it yesterday morning. We had a small cold front move in. Rain fell in the evening. By morning the water evaporated, leaving the air kind of cool and very bright. I looked up and wowie zowie. I learned somethingContinue reading “More Summer”

Golden Light

I did a little experiment. I’ve done this in the past. But, now I have the subject matter that matters. Winter trees. Bare branches. A couple of leaves. A kind of simplicity. An elegance of sorts. Nature’s spare beauty. And, that’s the picture. Today’s picture. Oh. You want to know how I did it. Heh. It’sContinue reading “Golden Light”


Autumn star. Under the water. Layered. Bent. Twisted. Darkened. Almost looks like a winter picture. When all the leaves are down. Settled in the mud. Turned into mulch. Into sod. A short life span over. Until next year. Only five months away. In the south. The picture. Sometimes I’m not sure. That’s why Storyteller isContinue reading “Stars”

Fall Leaves Another Way

Evolution. That’s what this latest style of digital painting is about. Unguarded and undirected evolution. I’ve had some very positive comments about some of these pictures, which has encouraged me to go forward. Even though Storyteller is mostly about experimentation and I know that often experimentation leads to “what the hell was he thinking,” IContinue reading “Fall Leaves Another Way”


I’m often struck by the leading lines of a simple set of electrical power lines. Except, this one isn’t so simple. It also should help to answer the question about why we have so many power failures. From an artistic standpoint, this place is fun. From a more practical view, this system is a mess.Continue reading “Wired”