Accidentally Late Night

This is an accidental artwork. But, I love it. It’s another “found” picture, but this time it was lost intentionally. I didn’t really see the potential because it was so “grainy.” Once I opened it and looked at it again I realized that it was worthy of… something. Something means to me that it couldContinue reading “Accidentally Late Night”

Like A Chinese Painting

Adventures in iPhone 14 land. I decided to test the largest sensor which is 48 MB and yields a basic file of 75MB. Snapseed was not happy so I moved it directly from storage to OnOne. That worked. OnOne is located on my main machine and it could handle a large basic file size. ForContinue reading “Like A Chinese Painting”

A Very Long Trip

This picture is an example of what happens when you are jet lagged and tired all at once. You take weird chances. At least I do. For sure, I made some high energy peak moment photographs. Then my brain shut off and I just I just saw pictures. Click, click, click… I usually have aContinue reading “A Very Long Trip”

The Distance Between

T he end of the day was spectacular so I actually made some new photographs. I don’t usually make a lot of cloud pictures but what could I do? The were moving in all sorts of patterns and shapes. I selected the one I liked best and did minimal work, but I decided to makeContinue reading “The Distance Between”

World Of Strange Design

S ometimes I forget the work I’ve already done. If you recall I wasn’t posting everyday. That didn’t mean I wasn’t making new pictures and working on others. I was. And, I forgot about it. I was looking for something else when I stumbled upon a little group of pictures that I had forgotten about.Continue reading “World Of Strange Design”

On This Day

Happy Mother’s Day. For a long time I used to post a picture that I made in 1980 of my mother and grandmother. It’s called, “Two Before Me.” Make no mistake that may be one of the best pictures that I ever made. But, I feel like moving on. My grandmother passed in 1982. MyContinue reading “On This Day”

Golden Tree

Experiment. It came to me that I hadn’t been playing once I made the picture. I actually haven’t been playing when I made the picture, either. I reckon if I start on one side the other may follow. Here’s hoping. I thought that the election news might break my block. But, Republicans in general areContinue reading “Golden Tree”

All A Dream

All the news that fits. But, first the picture. It’s actually a layered picture containing a scene on a New Mexican highway and a Jefferson Parish expressway. Mostly, it’s the New Mexican photograph that rose to the top of the layer. Obviously, it’s heavily worked over in post production. I wasn’t sure how far toContinue reading “All A Dream”

Beyond The End

Light. It’s all light. That’s what makes or breaks a photograph. After all, the word photography is Greek for writing with light. No. It’s not all Greek to me. I actually know this word. Hurricane Delta passed us by for the most part. We did have some strong gusts of wind and a little rain.Continue reading “Beyond The End”