Over And Over

This photograph emerged from the fog of my archives. I’m pretty sure I didn’t select it for anything because of the way her arm is raised showing her arm pit. I was raised with certain rules. One is no up-the-nostril pictures. Another is no arm pit pictures. So, I tinkered with it. I modified theContinue reading “Over And Over”

Left Over Life

Two feet in, one foot out. That’s not quite true. I’m all in on our move, but I have a lot of my past to think about as I work through old archives. I lived in New Orleans for a long time. I made a lot of photographs there. There’s a lot to re-archive andContinue reading “Left Over Life”

The Kid And Me

A Street Portrait Gets Good The bullet points should tell you everything that you need to know about making a picture like this one. But, just in case. No matter how well you plan for every possible situation when you arrive on the scene everything changes. As boxer Mike Tyson said, “You can plan forContinue reading “The Kid And Me”

Second Line Squared

Once upon a time I made pictures like this one every Sunday. I retired from the streets a few years ago mostly for health reasons, but after seven years I felt like the project ran its course. You work and you work and you work and one day you just know. You might still goContinue reading “Second Line Squared”

It Gets In Your Head

W e are coming to that time. Mardi Gras Day. The new people in New Orleans are trying to coin a new phrase. Deep Gras. It’s actually been around for awhile, but it meant something different. To me it means Mardi Gras all day every day, seeing friends you haven’t seen in years, meeting newContinue reading “It Gets In Your Head”

All Joy

A ll smiles. That’s what Mardi Gras is about. There is a certain level of joy and celebration that is always present during the parade season. In the past few years, before the shut down last year, some weird things have happened. Most of that is caused by exuberance or stupidity, depending on who youContinue reading “All Joy”

Down in New Orleans

A ll color, all energy, all motion. That’s Mardi Gras to me. I see it in swirls of color. Of people asking for beads. Of joy. As I was looking through my archives I was feeling nostalgic. I realized that was another thing I enjoyed photographing that will live in the past. Whether it’s myContinue reading “Down in New Orleans”

Little Green

T here’s no mystery to this picture. See the subject, talk to him for a minute and ask if I could photograph him. But, I wanted to open up the picture and turn it into something the verges on the edge of high key. That meant dropping out a lot of background detail which IContinue reading “Little Green”

The Middle Ages

M y thoughts brought me to a couple of places. As events start to close down I’ve been thinking about anniversaries. This picture of a flambeaux during Mardi Gras is a great example of that. It’s just a picture, right? Maybe. To me it means a lot. I was suffering during Mardi Gras 2020. IContinue reading “The Middle Ages”