Tag: passion

  • Out on the Street

    M usic. You know me and music. You know me and brass bands. Here’s a little portfolio about just that. In all the years that I photographed second lines I cannot tell you how many times I made pictures of brass bands. I think it’s the passion that I like. The music matters because it […]

  • Purple Day

    Sunday. A quiet Sunday. It’s hot here. It’s humid here. Only a few flowers seem happy in these conditions. Since one of the local weather people let it slip and admitted we had started our seemingly never-ending summer’s heat, all I can say as, “Oh goodie.” Five months of intense heat. A lot of rain. […]

  • Red

    A year or so ago I published a little Blurb book called “Red. Red. Red.” I used it mostly as a marketing piece. But, it is still listed in the Blurb library. If I were asked what my favorite color is, my reply would be color. I like color. I like powerful, strong, bright, energetic […]