One from the past. In Central City. Looking at the picture now I see a lot of squares or boxes. Sort of like a rough Mondrian. Only different. I think that I might have some new work tonight. I have choices. I can photograph the start of the Christmas season with a bonfire in AlgiersContinue reading

The Process

A slight change. I actually went out looking for pictures. Admittedly, I had some errands to run near The Bywater. I used that to get me out and about. Away from the usual. Once upon a time, places like this used to be the usual. For me. Maybe, it’ll come back to me. Or, not.Continue reading “The Process”

A Pay Phone. Two Ways.

This is Netflix’ fault. Or, Amazon Prime’s. I forget which one. I started out with a nice simple graphic image of an abandoned pay phone. It was cleaned up nicely by whoever owns the boarded up building. There is no actual phone and all the wires are removed. It looked sort of cool as a graphic image soContinue reading “A Pay Phone. Two Ways.”

Round and Round

Happy first day of fall. The high today is supposed to be 92 degrees. It’s a brisk 81 degrees as I write this. At about 8:30am. So. Remember these? Usually I find just the booth and a part of the phone. This time I found one that actually works. I picked it up and got a dialContinue reading “Round and Round”

Chinese Food

Chinese Food. And Po’ Boys. The mix seems a little strange. But, it’s common down here in New Orleans. Unfortunately, the hot food couldn’t keep this old corner grocery store in business. This is one of those pictures that I just couldn’t pass up. On the way to someplace else. The usual thing. I’ll keepContinue reading “Chinese Food”