I want sushi right now. It costs more than a house. Instead, we bought a new espresso maker. It’s the bomb. It’s really for touring, but we just had to test it before we hit the road. So, we bought five pounds of Lavazza beans. Five pounds ought to be enough to test it, right?Continue reading “Creativity”

I And I

S omething for Sunday. Something pretty. In pink. These are called by a couple of names. I call them Japonicas. Some call them Japanese Magnolias. Doesn’t matter I suppose. Because. No matter what you call them they are pretty and joyful. And, pink. This particular picture suffers from me. Heh. Looking at it here IContinue reading “I And I”

Birds of Fire

S ometimes I get trapped and can’t keep some part of the scene out of the picture. That was the issue with this picture. Cropping it square helped. But the building was still in the background. I suppose that I could have replaced the background with something different, but that really isn’t my style. InsteadContinue reading “Birds of Fire”

Now is the Start

F lowers are starting to bloom. They are confused. The weather feels like spring during the day and winter at night. I’m confused. Lately that seems to be a normal condition. That started during lockdown days when time was flexible. It’s gotten a little better, but I still confuse days of the week. Not watchingContinue reading “Now is the Start”

Four Until Late

Y ou would think that this picture was made in spring, but it’s not. It was made a couple of days ago. This is a weird year and we normally have two growing seasons. We’ve just entered the second one. Things are starting to bloom again. Trees aren’t blooming except for the ones that HurricaneContinue reading “Four Until Late”

Round Here

Quietude. That’s what yesterday was about. I think that because my fear of the virus has lessened and that I’ve actually came to some decisions about my photographic work, I slept. And, slept. And, slept. I awoke before 7am. That doesn’t sound like I did much sleeping. After the all seing dog and I returnedContinue reading “Round Here”

New Blooms

Bold color. That’s what I promised you and that’s what you’ll get. Today is day three of our thirty day pause. Luckily, there is so much to do around this place, so much to read, so much to watch and so much organizing of my archives that I doubt anybody will get bored. Eventually, we’llContinue reading “New Blooms”

The Last Chance

I didn’t know. I didn’t know that when I photographed the Japonica trees a day or two ago that it would be my last chance. Normally the flowers would last another two or three weeks. But, we had a pretty bad storm this afternoon. Not only did we get a lot of rain, but weContinue reading “The Last Chance”

So Pretty

So pretty. So pink. Yesterday’s sunset was stellar. The sun was hidden by drifting clouds. And, then it wasn’t. Just then. Right then, the Japonica (Japanese Magnolia) trees were lighted by wonderful late afternoon golden light. I was lucky. Ten minutes either way and I wouldn’t have seen this little bit of prettiness. I wouldn’tContinue reading “So Pretty”