Time and Place

A friend of mine said that music exists in a time and place. He wrote that as part of an acknowledgement to the death of Marty Balin. Who is he, you might ask? He was one of the founders of a seminal band in the middle 1960s. They were called in various incarnations, either JeffersonContinue reading “Time and Place”

The Road and Some Other Stuff

“Now what would they do if I just sailed away Who the hell really compelled me to leave today Runnin’ low on stories of what made it a ball What would they do if I made no landfall I lived half my life in an eight by five room Just crusin’ to the sound ofContinue reading “The Road and Some Other Stuff”

Signs, Symbols and Time

The caption just about says it all.  But, let me explain it a little further. A descanso is a small piece folk art that is placed on  a spot where somebody died. It is a memorial. It is generally home-made by people who loved or cared for the person who lost his or her lifeContinue reading “Signs, Symbols and Time”

Another Side (Of Downtown LA)

Whaddya think? Los Angeles Chinatown or Hong Kong? Well, these pictures are a small portfolio of my Downtown Los Angeles assignment. I’d like to say that LA Chinatown is just like Hong Kong and nothing like the Chinatowns found everywhere else in The United States. But, that wouldn’t be true. San Francisco is probably moreContinue reading “Another Side (Of Downtown LA)”

Brickyard at Night

I think you’ve seen the daylight version of this image. Maybe twice. Once in low sunlight. Once after a storm. But, I’ve never been there at night. Some readers on another forum were asking me where I made this picture. Normally, I’m pretty generous. But, not this time. I thought, “Yeah, right.” Twenty people willContinue reading “Brickyard at Night”


So. I went to church on Saturday. But, not in the way you are thinking. I did that on Tuesday after the Boston bombing. This time I went to church on Saturday at about noon. This is The Holy Name of Jesus. It was built in 1918. It looks and feels very European. It isContinue reading “Church”

A Change of Season

I was looking at my posts for the past few weeks. Seems like I’ve been plumbing some pretty dark depths. Moody. Dark. Deep. Yes. I think that I made some nice pictures. But, they are getting a little dark. Even for me. So, I started looking around in my last few weeks of shooting andContinue reading “A Change of Season”

Bent, Broken and Rusted

While I was poking around in The Lower Ninth Ward and I found that odd little house displaying The American Flag, I also made pictures of broken glass, broken windows and rusty walls. I just sort of photographed whatever I saw. When I was editing my take — no, make that curating my take —Continue reading “Bent, Broken and Rusted”

A Special Day

One of my fellow bloggers, Kaie W. Bird, posted a little video from Israel. Yesterday was the Israeli day to remember victims of The Holocaust. In the video, it looks like an ordinary day. People are driving on expressways. They are commuting. Apparently, they know what is coming. What sounds like an air raid sirenContinue reading “A Special Day”