The Blues

Blue Songs are like tattoosYou know I’ve been to sea beforeCrown and anchor meOr let me sail awayHey BlueAnd there is a song for youInk on a pinUnderneath the skinAn empty space to fill inWell there’re so many sinkingNow you’ve got to keep thinkingYou can make it thru these wavesAcid, booze, and assNeedles, guns, andContinue reading “The Blues”

Red, Red, Red

R ed. They taught us in art school that if you must err picking color, you should err on the side of warmth. Humans tend to like warmer pictures over colder ones. I’m not sure they meant red, but I like the color. I had two goals in mind when I made this little portfolio.Continue reading “Red, Red, Red”

Little Pictures

L ittle pictures. Details. Something to show the texture of a place. You’d think they would be the easiest to find and see. They aren’t. Usually, you see them on the way back from whatever caught your eye in the first place. In a design piece they are often called point pictures which is theContinue reading “Little Pictures”

Something Red

Colors. Contrast. Collections. Red. Red. Red. It used to be one of my favorite colors. I liked it so much that I even made a little Blurb book from red colored pictures. I produced a small marketing campaign using red. Like everything, taste changes. Now, it’s purple. Seems that I’m at it again. My projectContinue reading “Something Red”


There are rumors and rumors of rumors. Especially in New Orleans. I thought that I stumbled upon one of the so-called missing Banksy bits of wall graffiti and political commentary. Apparently, he came through New Orleans in 2008 and did his thing. Love his work or think it’s just graffiti defacing a wall, he didContinue reading “Banksy”

Color. Shape.

Finally. More color. This is a strange little place. It’s been a bar, a restaurant and now a florist shop. The front is okay. But the back is so New Orleans that I photograph it almost every time I pass by. Since it’s located in my neighborhood — sort of — I can walk toContinue reading “Color. Shape.”

Witches on the Move…

I would never have thought it. Witches don’t need their brooms to be fast and stealthy. I thought that they did. They passed me by so quickly that this picture is the best that I could do. They were on their way to some place else. Just like me. The only difference being, they wereContinue reading “Witches on the Move…”

Rosalie Alley (The Details)

More images from Rosalie Alley. I guess that I could stop right there. But, you know me. Two things to know. One. I promised myself I wouldn’t post very many multiple image blogs. It seems that they are just a little too much to look at in one go. But, after looking at the manyContinue reading “Rosalie Alley (The Details)”

The Wall

This picture may just seem like a bunch of lines and sky. But, it’s far more important than that. For those of you who watched Hurricane Katrina destroy The Lower Ninth Ward as well as about 80% of New Orleans, you know that it was not the hurricane itself that did the job. It wasContinue reading “The Wall”