Red, Red, Red

R ed. They taught us in art school that if you must err picking color, you should err on the side of warmth. Humans tend to like warmer pictures over colder ones. I’m not sure they meant red, but I like the color. I had two goals in mind when I made this little portfolio.Continue reading “Red, Red, Red”

A Year In Twelve

N ormally posts like this one are saved for the between week of Christmas and New Year, but it seems like just about everyone is jumping the gun, so I better do it too. I have a theory about why we are publishing best lists of 2021 so early. We want the second year fromContinue reading “A Year In Twelve”

Different Kinds Of Light

T here haven’t been very many new pictures made this week. I haven’t been inspired or pushed out the door, which is the usual fix. I was working in my so-called digital studio when I saw the afternoon light playing on the walls. I just photographed what I saw. You are seeing some of itContinue reading “Different Kinds Of Light”

Sprint Suite Two

Spring Suite. Although there are other pictures waiting to be shared, you are seeing an image that I made last night as dusk was waiting. The light was incredible. I found a couple of places to make use of it. For now, this is the best of those. The light is almost winter-like. Low. Golden.Continue reading “Sprint Suite Two”

A Moment in Time

Today is September 11, 2018. Seventeen years ago everything changed. Terrorists destroyed the Twin Towers in New York City. They attacked the Pentagon in Washington D.C. They tried to fly another plane into Washington, but that plane was taken down by the passengers of that plane. Today is a solemn day in The United States.Continue reading “A Moment in Time”

World Photography Day

  Today is World Photography Day. At least, that’s what Twitter told me.  If you don’t get hung up in opinions, sometimes Twitter can be very informative. Or, at least, it can lead you to someplace that is informative. Sorta. Anyway. I thought that I would select some of my best pictures for the firstContinue reading “World Photography Day”

Promise Keeping

I try to keep my promises. Life is too short for unkept promises. Sheesh. Maybe life is to short for promises at all. You asked for more Mardi Gras pictures, so I said that I would do sort of a wrap up of Mardi Gras 2014. I decided to give myself a month to doContinue reading “Promise Keeping”

Going Back

Since I’m a little out-of-pocket today, I thought I’d reintroduce a little of my signature work. Maybe just three pictures a day. And, I’ll tell you the stories behind the images.  Three pictures from Asia today. Shanghai Dancers, Central Wet Market and Hong Kong From Above. Shanghai Dancers was made on early morning in — youContinue reading “Going Back”