Tag: Positive Energy

  • In The Days Of My Youth

    Yesterday was terrible. Luckily, it only got worse. It really started the night before when we learned that a man who is a friend to us all in the arts community was shot four times in an attempted home invasion. Bad guys can’t shoot. What could have been four shots to the chest at point […]

  • Day Breaks

    A new day. A new year. A new decade. A new time to move forward on our plans. Whatever they may be. To right some wrongs. To fill in the potholes. And, to build something. To work in a positive manner. To grow, That’s 2020 for me. Happy New Year.

  • For Your Day

    This is for you. Sunflowers. Bright, yellow and happy. I made this picture some years back when I lived in The Land of Enchantment, or New Mexico as some people call that fine state. I went there after Hurricane Katrina flooded my city. Well, only 80% of it. Did you ever have that feeling of […]

  • Halloween Queen

    In the midst of following our local politicians, I almost forget to publish something from Halloween night. So, here’s one now. Of course, like just about everything I’ve been photographing lately in New Orleans, I made this picture in Central City. It certainly feels like things are starting to get a little better in that […]