Then This

R unning errands, I needed a place to park for just a few minutes. So I parked here. I hate to say this, but the sign is meaningless. Unless it is posted by the city or county it has no legal status. Still, normally that doesn’t matter for me. I woudn’t park here. I justContinue reading “Then This”


Sometimes I can’t make up my mind. I was poking about looking for abandoned railroads for one of my book projects. The book title is in hand. “Abandoned Railroads of New Orleans.” That would be great, except that most of our rail yards and tracks are fully working. Certainly, you can find abandoned railroad stuffContinue reading “Rolling”

Algiers Ferry

So. This is about the last of the work from that wonderful night. This is the ferry at Algiers Point. This one doesn’t go to New Orleans. Instead, this one goes to Chalmette. Actually, it really docks just down river at the battlefield and military cemetery. You know. That battlefield. The one where the BattleContinue reading “Algiers Ferry”