On a very humid walk. We found these branches that were what remained of our storms. Wasn’t sure about them until I photographed them and started processing them. Once I started stripping them back and allowed their natural color to emerge I knew the picture might work. That’s one of my secret sauces. I don’tContinue reading “Remains”

Down the Drain

I’m not kidding. If you don’t keep the drains cleaned near your house, your street will flood. If your street floods, your house will flood. And, so will your car. You won’t be happy. Neither will your insurance agent. And, your insurance company will probably drop you for making a claim, leaving you to askContinue reading “Down the Drain”

Beneath a Blood Red Sky

Then, comes the sky show. After a storm and as the cold front arrived we had a little color in the sky. I did what I could to photograph it. I really need to understand nature a little better in order to be in better places, to stand in front of better stuff, in orderContinue reading “Beneath a Blood Red Sky”

After the Storm

We had a storm. Storms aren’t unusual this time of year. We are in the rainy and hurricane season. Lately, our storms are overwhelming all of our drains, canals and pumping systems. We accumulated five inches of rain in about 90 minutes. Everywhere Uptown was flooded. I don’t mean with a few inches of water.Continue reading “After the Storm”

Summer’s Dusk

Beneath summer skies. With daily rain often comes drama. Usually, around dusk when the storm clouds are moving towards the west or upriver. I can see some of it forming from my windows. But, I really see it on dogarito’s second — or sometimes — third walk of the day. Luckily, she’s pretty patient. So,Continue reading “Summer’s Dusk”

Cloud Play

I talk like it’s spring. With colder temperatures and big rain storms mother nature reminds me that we are still officially in winter months. That’s a good thing. Because. Low winter light makes pictures like this possible as it bounces through the remaining clouds of a fleeting storm. Yeah, I enhanced it a little bit.Continue reading “Cloud Play”

Exploding Sky

I knew this would happen. We had an afternoon storm that kept up until about 8pm. Unfortunately, I was spoken for so I could only go back to the scene of many crimes. This is what I saw. In my head. It’s what I felt. The original digital file is colorful, but fairly bland. ItContinue reading “Exploding Sky”

There Must Have Been a Storm

It looks like a whole lotta work. You’ve seen the place. Normally, I make a Zen-like picture with something like one leaf twirling around a sparkling bit of water. That’s not what we saw yesterday. The winds ripped the leaves from the trees. The rain pushed them into the little stream. The stream backed up.Continue reading “There Must Have Been a Storm”

Cotton Candy Clouds

Cotton candy. In the sky. Sometimes this happens in between storms. Around dusk. When the air is heavy and still carries a lot of water droplets to reflect the low sunlight. Sunlight that bounces around like crazy and paints the sky with amazing colors. Sometimes, I have a great foreground. Usually, I’m completely out-of-place andContinue reading “Cotton Candy Clouds”