You Got The Silver, You Got The Gold

A sia, part two. I used to travel to Thailand on holiday after working in Hong Kong, sometimes day and night. I liked being there. But, sometimes I could only take a few days so I went to Bangkok, which is a massive city. Some of it is very modern while other parts look likeContinue reading “You Got The Silver, You Got The Gold”

Other Ways

A doorway to… With no imagination it could be a doorway to the building. With just a little imagination it could be a doorway to the unique. With more imagination it could be the doorway to the universe. You pick. I like that latter. I saw a picture posted on some social media. It wasContinue reading “Other Ways”

On Sunday

I had big plans today. Hahahahahaha! You know the old joke about that. I was going to photograph a second line. I haven’t done that in a while. But, my back and legs hurt a little too much for that. So I took some pain meds which didn’t really work. I thought that I postContinue reading “On Sunday”


I don’t know what to say. We pray for peace.  Always. We pray for the dead. More dead. We stand united with France. Again. I live in New Orleans. We were born of France. Our oldest neighborhood is call the French Quarter. That ought to tell you something. My heart is heavy. Again. Dammit. Between oneContinue reading “Paris”


This is a symbol. An icon. There’s been a lot of debate in The United States about symbols, flags and meanings. It started with murders. In New Orleans, it has gotten strange, with the mayor wanting to remove statues. Some people are cheering. Others are appalled. This picture isn’t about any of that. I’m notContinue reading “Golden”

Inside Out

It’s funny how life turns on a dime. This post was supposed to be experimental. Not the pictures. The technology. WordPress allows you to program the time when you want to make a post. I was going to do this work last night and program the delivery time for about now. I’ve never done thatContinue reading “Inside Out”

Another Season. Another Parade.

I changed my mind. I am publishing a few pictures from the first second line parade of the new season. This is the Young Men Olympian Junior Benevolent Association’s 130th Anniversary Parade. What do they do? As the president said, “These parades are just a little fun. Our real work is caring for our sick andContinue reading “Another Season. Another Parade.”

Inside The Church

So. Yesterday I told you about the Our Lady of Guadalupe/Shrine to St. Jude Church. But, I took you outside to the Marian Grotto. Today, I’ll take you inside to the Shrine of St. Jude., which contains an actual relic of the saint. A little about St. Jude. First off, some say that he isContinue reading “Inside The Church”

Just A few Thoughts

As you are well aware. Today is a very solemn day. A day of reflection. A day of remembrance. A day of prayer. 911. A day we’ll never forget.  The beginning of something that won’t end very soon. There are a lot of Facebook posts about it. Many, many tweets. That’s all good. I startedContinue reading “Just A few Thoughts”