She’s A Rainbow

O nce again, color prevails. All kinds of color, not just fall color which is starting to fade away to winter colors. I like winter colors, not because of the color itself, but because of the view. Summer hides things. Winter shows them. But, this picture isn’t about showing or hiding things. This is justContinue reading “She’s A Rainbow”

Spring Flower Revisited

This delicate little flower begins to arrive in late spring and last through summer. For me, it’s a symbol of summer. This may be one of the cleanest captures that I’ve made of them since I’ve been photographing them. I think that’s because the light was muted which kept the exposure simple. Often, I photographContinue reading “Spring Flower Revisited”

Not Too Late

Labor Day. We honor our workers, no matter what their work may be. However, I fear that like our military, we could be described describe as “suckers” and “losers.” After all, why work for a living when you can scam for a living? But, that’s not what I want to talk about today. I’d ratherContinue reading “Not Too Late”

So Pretty

So pretty. So pink. Yesterday’s sunset was stellar. The sun was hidden by drifting clouds. And, then it wasn’t. Just then. Right then, the Japonica (Japanese Magnolia) trees were lighted by wonderful late afternoon golden light. I was lucky. Ten minutes either way and I wouldn’t have seen this little bit of prettiness. I wouldn’tContinue reading “So Pretty”

Mellow Yellow

Looks like a southern winter. Bright yellow and deep greens along with some unknown flower. Debra, a blogging buddy, asked if i could post a picture when the little yellow pods turned into something. They only took a few days, but here they are. Pretty little wildflowers. Wildflowers? I thought that they were growing outContinue reading “Mellow Yellow”

The Middle Day

The middle day. The so-called hump day of the business week. That is if you work five days a week in something like a 9 to 5 job. I don’t  know anybody like that. I was working into the late night after taking a mid-day break. A short one. Same kind of day, today. ItContinue reading “The Middle Day”

Cotton Candy Skies

Before the big giant red wolf moon. And whatever else. This picture is representative of what our skies looked like down here in the swamp. Something, huh? I made it during a break in the big football game. That’s all I’m saying about it, except to say that Stephen Colbert lead with it on hisContinue reading “Cotton Candy Skies”

Second Growth

I told you. We have a second growing season down here in the swamp. I found this scene on a walk. A long walk since we weren’t dodging raindrops. I’d say this is a good exercise in seeing, but how could I miss? The flowers were calling to me from thirty yards away. The onlyContinue reading “Second Growth”


I found a flower. A tiny translucent thing. I’ve seen them before. When they are a little older. They are pale yellow. This one is young. You can see through its petals. It is such a gentle thing that I was afraid to get too near. Enjoy it as it is. I’m certain that ifContinue reading “Fragility”