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  • Out On The Road

    Thailand I made this picture in Bangkok. It’s not your usual Thailand kind of picture. It’s modern. It has a minimalist vibe. At the core of me I travel. Photographs, music, food. It doesn’t matter. I travel. My archives prove that. In answer to the question, if you could do anything, it come down to […]

  • Then This

    R unning errands, I needed a place to park for just a few minutes. So I parked here. I hate to say this, but the sign is meaningless. Unless it is posted by the city or county it has no legal status. Still, normally that doesn’t matter for me. I woudn’t park here. I just […]

  • Can’t Let Go

    I started this day thinking about the things I really like. Some are obvious. Some less so. There’s photography. Art. Design. Color. There’s baseball. The New York Yankees. F1 Motorsports. Music of all genres. Live music. Recorded music. There is travel. Other countries. Southeast Asia. Hong Kong. China. The American Southwest. Virginia. Even New Orleans. […]

  • The Push and Pull

    N ew projects are always exciting. This is one that I’ve photographed on and off over the last billion decades or so. It’s about the end of things. Buildings, cars, places. Just about everything We talk about recycling. We talk about limiting plastics. That whole thing is a ridiculous notion. Have you ever driven across […]

  • Mountain Home

    Sometimes, while I lived in New Mexico I would take long, long drives just to explore and see things. It was on one of those day trips that I found this little country church. I stopped, walked around it and made a lot of pictures. Even though this picture isn’t the most detailed, I like […]

  • Naked To The Eye

    The weather turned a little cold and very bright. So, I started chasing my project. I found an old house with a statue in front. The Virgin Mary protects the house. The house protects the occupants. I don’t know much about this place. There were no cars in the street or in the short driveway […]

  • Darkling Days

    A light explosion. That’s how I was seeing things as we drove into the direct sun. This picture may not exactly be physically accurate, but it’s how we felt when sunglasses didn’t help. I have no idea if this picture stays in the final project collection, but for now it’s in. After all, I only […]

  • You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere

    Golden light. I think every photographer dreams about it. If not, then the blue hour. I recently learned that I had two chances a day for both. There’s another one that starts about 4:30 in the morning. I didn’t even know there was a 4:30 in the morning. Alright. I stole a Bart Simpson line. […]

  • Here I Am

    “Life doesn’t wave as it’s speeding by. Better grab on fast and hold on tight. And don’t ever forget to fight this good fight. Here I am.” It’s a calling. I make pictures for myself first, and then for everybody else. I’m there for myself but being there for everybody else comes in a close […]