Purple Haze

P urple haze all in my brainLately, things just don’t seem the sameActing funny, but I don’t know whyExcuse me while I kiss the sky Purple haze all aroundDon’t know if I’m coming up or downAm I happy or in misery?Whatever it is, that girl put a spell on me Help meHelp meOh, no, noContinue reading “Purple Haze”

Magenta Shadows

S pring. Color. Sometimes it’s muted. Mostly it’s bright. It livens up a muted scene. It’s not quite this purple, but we’ll talk about that next door. I tried my best not to read the news, or much news. That proved to be impossible at this time in our history. I am amazed at theContinue reading “Magenta Shadows”


I have a need for solitude, she wrote. That’s what this picture is about. Quietness and solitude. And, peace. I’m going on a news diet. I can’t keep reading about… everything. That’s not true. It’s about to be baseball season. I love baseball. The season is so long that the sport becomes a symbolic ofContinue reading “Silence.”

About Time

F inally. It happened. I actually started making pictures and walking. I think I made four or five for Storyteller. I may have made one that goes into the best of file. It’s been awhile. I was starting to worry. I kept telling myself that I would work my way out of the lack ofContinue reading “About Time”

Purple Haze

S till looking and experimenting in order to find a path forward. I layered two pictures which is nothing new for me. Then I added some of what I call inscribing that I used on that mostly black and white tree image a few days ago. Some people really like it. A couple people didn’tContinue reading “Purple Haze”

And, I Knew, I Knew…

T his is a brand new picture. Yipee. As you know I haven’t been very motivated to make new work. Yesterday I was. Luckily, the light was with me. I took a little walk and did my usual trick. I photographed whatever I saw. I didn’t pre-edit which is always a mistake. Interestingly, while IContinue reading “And, I Knew, I Knew…”

Something Wild

S ummer is our rainy season. We had an amazing amount of rain this month. They said we had five times the normal amount of rain for a July. That’s something for us because July is very wet. The constant rain gets a little bit tiresome, but it does yield scenes like this one. It’sContinue reading “Something Wild”

Across A Wire

O nce, when I used to live in Asia, I traveled around the world to Denmark. I left Singapore exhausted and beaten down by a very rough press check. My press checks were never rough. I know enough color theory and the art of making compromises when I couldn’t manage everything on the page theContinue reading “Across A Wire”