Tag: Quiet

  • Out There In Space.

    Starting the week in peace is the way it should go. Busy is fine. Chaos, not so much. Unfortunately, Mondays are generally chaos. All of the people who didn’t need or want something last week, want it now. Immediately. At once. On their deadlines. That’s been happening. A lot as the world starts to wake […]

  • What Was Your Childhood Like

    Humility. Sit. Listen. Forgive. Where there is pain, there is also joy. You have to learn it. You have to think about it. You have to work at it. I’m still in the first phase. Learning. As I write, I’m listening to Shawn Colvin speaking about her dad in a podcast. She’s speaking about forgiveness […]

  • On the Dark End of the Street

    The quiet side. Most people think of the French Quarter as being loud. They think of people always partying. They think of the typical New Orleans craziness. Let me tell you, we ain’t all that crazy. We don’t spend much time in the Quarter. When we do, we rarely walk around on Bourbon Street. It’s […]

  • On This Day

    On Thanksgiving Day. I wish you peace. I wish you thankfulness. I wish you joy. I wish you happiness. Most of all, I wish you art. Photographic art. Painted art. Sculpted art. Written art. Musical art. All art. — Ray

  • A Peaceful Sunday

    Sunday morning. The house is quiet. The dogs are asleep. The only one awake is me. I like working in the quietude of morning. On a normal business day, I usually complete the tasks that must be done for the day by noon. Today, aside from a few household chores, I’ll be done when I […]

  • Shadows and…

    … me. Shadows. Soft light. A kind of quiet. And me. I was going to crop my shadow out of the picture. Or, at the very least, retouch it out. I saw it while I was making the picture. There was no way to take the picture without my shadow being part of it. That’s […]

  • In the Spring

    Spring is about change. Rebirth. Change. Maybe. All I know is that I’m going to make some changes. Some to me. Some to my shooting style. At least for what I am loosely calling the spring series. As you know, my general style is bright, high color, contrasty and fairly graphic. When I photograph something […]

  • Sunday Quietness

    I saw this picture and just had to take it. Winter. Solitude. Quiet. Calming. A perfect Sunday picture. I’ll leave you with that. And, that I’ll be back on the street today for tomorrow and the rest of the week. Making New Orleans pictures. Second line pictures. Mardi Gras pictures. Enjoy the day.

  • Day Break

    The week from hell. This coming week. The US presidential election. It’s here. It’s now. It’s Tuesday. It affects all of you. In every country. It doesn’t matter if you live on some remote island. Or, in the most urban center in The United States. Election day won’t put an end to the stupidity of […]