Chasing Streetcars

It’s been a long time since I did this. When we first returned home, I chased streetcars a lot. I was just so happy to see them again after being exiled to the high desert. Usually, I did it around dusk when the colors pop and the sky is a nice deep shade of blue.Continue reading “Chasing Streetcars”

Tornado Two: Where I Went.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I received a number of emails, posts on Storyteller and even a text or two expressing your concern for my safety. You don’t know how much that means to me. So, I thought I’d show you my place of refuge. Take a look at the second picture. See thatContinue reading “Tornado Two: Where I Went.”

Tornado Warning

My smart phone went crazy. Bleats. Blaring sounds and a text message. Tornado warning. Seek shelter. Now. Right now. Immediately. Luckily, I was near a big hospital and medical complex. They have secure parking in a huge cement and steel building. That’s where I went. As I was heading into the parking lot I tookContinue reading “Tornado Warning”


Water. We have a lot of it in swampville. We have so much water that the city government doesn’t really care about the main underground water pipes. We lose about 90,000,000 gallons of water per week due to leaks in the water pipe system. The state government tried to con, er, talk the federal governmentContinue reading “Water”

Tinkering Around

You know it rained. I told you that my pictures were a little ragged. They are. Even my dancing friend’s pictures are soft and a little motion blurred. But, not in a good way. So, I tinkered with them a little. Well, a lot. I tried to make this picture look old, like something fadedContinue reading “Tinkering Around”


Yeah. This place feels like home. My kind of home. We had one of the longest days ever. Since today closed the second line season I wanted to be in New Orleans. But, we were in Brooklyn. What to do? What to do? We knew what to do. They say that if God wanted man toContinue reading “Home”

And, The Rain Came

When my i-Phone started broadcasting flash flood alerts that sounded just about like those “this has been a test of the emergency system,” sounds that we used to hear on television channels and radio stations, I about jumped out of my chair. Up until yesterday, I’d never heard that. Not from my phone. It’s noisy.Continue reading “And, The Rain Came”

A Little Bit About Drive By Shooting

So. It’s Spring in New Orleans. That means lots of hard rain. Lots of clouds. And, in between a little bit of sunshine. I decided to photograph some of that as I was driving from one place to another. As I have written in the past, DON’T YOU DO IT. It’s not a very safeContinue reading “A Little Bit About Drive By Shooting”