A Long July

J uly is the month that you really know where you are; Southeast Louisiana. This is when your windows always have condensation producing water droplets in the morning. That’s what you see as I look into the garden. Later in the day this dries out and you can see reality again. Not that reality isContinue reading “A Long July”


The handprint was just there. As with most good pictures, the image found me. I didn’t find it. Actually, the all seeing dog walked back here and as I went in after her, I looked behind the tree. There it was. The handprint. It’s nothing odd. It’s paint. It’s weird that it was done behindContinue reading “Changeless”

It Starts Somewhere

It’s the season. We talk about summer, summer, more summer and another summer. That’s how it is down here. But, there are phases. We are entering the wet season. The rainy season. Hurricane season. The time when we watch each storm as it forms off the coast of Africa.  Many of those storms don’t amountContinue reading “It Starts Somewhere”


It rains around here. In the summer. Water accumulates everywhere. If you are out walking soon after the rain stops you can find all the secret places. Except. They aren’t that secret. It’s just that most people don’t see them. I do. I photograph them. I was talking with a friend of mine who wasContinue reading “Droplets”

When the Weather is Wet

Rain. Lots of it. I’m not complaining. We can always use more rain. Besides, it’s summer. Our rainy season. It’s also humid and warm — not hot — which makes everything grow. For a few months of the year we live in what amounts to a hot-house. During my first year in Louisiana I askedContinue reading “When the Weather is Wet”

Summer Clouds

I keep saying that New Orleans is a sub-tropical place. Our rainy season occurs during the summer months. because of that, even rain isn’t falling, we usually have some pretty dramatic clouds appearing in the sky. This is one of those pictures that I made on my way to someplace else.  It was made atContinue reading “Summer Clouds”

Bourbon Street Rain

They rainy season is approaching fast in the gulf coast. But, that never stops the folks who go to Bourbon Street in New Orleans’ French Quarter. For the folks in the photograph, it looks to me that sometimes having fun is just hard work. 

And The Rain Came

In Southeast Louisiana, as it is in all semi-tropical places, the spring and summer months are traditionally the rainy season. Even though a bit of April seemed dry, the region already has surpassed its normal rainfall for this time of year. Rain fell yesterday and even though the sun is shining — weakly — thisContinue reading “And The Rain Came”