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  • Maybe This Place

    You know it’s been hard. I know it’s been hard. I’d like to go to this place and sit in the plaza at St. Francis of Assisi and have a word with the universe. Enough is enough. A lot of us in this house are having a tough time recovering… on a weekly basis. They […]

  • Theme For An Imaginary Western

    D o you remember what I said yesterday about November 21 being the start of my year? Well, I started that. After some thought I decided that I wanted to take a look back at my traveling life. This does two things. You get to see photographs that you might never have seen. You know. […]

  • Sunset

    Sunset.  San Francisco de Assis Mission Church. In Rancho de Taos. New Mexico. I received an email about a gallery show. One of the featured pictures was of this place. Makes sense. As locations go, this is one of the most famous in the country. The church has been drawn, painted and photographed for many […]

  • Rancho de Taos

    You’ve seen this place. You know you have. Just about everybody has photographed it. Or, painted it. A few of those artists who did are: Georgia O’Keeffe, Paul Strand, Ansel Adams, Ned Scott. And, that’s just getting started. Georgia O’Keeffe said that it is one of the most beautiful buildings in the United States left […]

  • Goin’ Back

    I decided to take a step back. Lots of stuff going on around here. All good. So. I took a walk through my image files. I ended up in New Mexico. I’ve always liked New Mexico. After the storm, we took refuge there for a few years. It was a great place to heal. But, […]

  • Blue Light

    Everybody knows this place. But, they know it from a different angle. This is the famous San Francisco de Asis church in Rancho de Taos, New Mexico. Viewed from its back side, which faces the road, it is probably one of the most painted and photographed places in The United States. But, seen from the […]

  • Settlin’ In

    A peaceful Sunday. A little break. Three pictures. Quiet pictures. Made at different times and places. For different reasons. The three of them are: Taos Dusk, Bamboo and Morning Spider Web. Yes. I have some shot back stories to share. Taos Dusk. Everybody photographs this place. Everybody paints it. Ansel Adams made a landmark photograph […]