Glad I Was There

As you know I write Storyteller a day or two ahead of publishing it. I wrote this on musician Neil Young’s birthday. He’s 77 and still going to strong. He’s making new music. He’s pouring a lot of time and energy in NYA, which is Neil Young Archives. It’s a mega website in which weContinue reading “Glad I Was There”

Like A Chinese Painting

Adventures in iPhone 14 land. I decided to test the largest sensor which is 48 MB and yields a basic file of 75MB. Snapseed was not happy so I moved it directly from storage to OnOne. That worked. OnOne is located on my main machine and it could handle a large basic file size. ForContinue reading “Like A Chinese Painting”

Words, Words, Words… Matter

This discussion is not going away anytime soon. So, I might as well talk about words. Storyteller has grown over the years. I have over 10,000 email followers as well as many direct followers. Many of them are ghosts but WordPress doesn’t care, but I do. Storyteller didn’t grow because I’m a wonderful photographer. Sheesh.Continue reading “Words, Words, Words… Matter”

A Very Long Trip

This picture is an example of what happens when you are jet lagged and tired all at once. You take weird chances. At least I do. For sure, I made some high energy peak moment photographs. Then my brain shut off and I just I just saw pictures. Click, click, click… I usually have aContinue reading “A Very Long Trip”

All About

S ometimes I turn weird. I know what you are thinking. Whaddya mean sometimes? No, no, no. This picture is an example of turning weird. The image started out as pretty little flower picture then I got ahold of it. It turned into something out of one of my fever dreams. You may be askingContinue reading “All About”

She Comes In Colors

F ood photography. Oh no, not me. I do a little, but I’m no food photographer. Most of the pictures I make are part of some other project or assignment. Let’s say the assignment was something about travel, maybe to a specific city or region. I try to photograph everything that I see that isContinue reading “She Comes In Colors”

You Have To Partake Before You Partook

A nother travel assignment, another place in which to get lost. Actually, I don’t mind if I get lost when I’m working. You never know what will turn up while you are not where you hoped to be. You know, the pictures I make on my way to someplace else. I was photographing another pieceContinue reading “You Have To Partake Before You Partook”

Run, Run,Run

H oly Moly. I started looking in some archives that are deeper than the rest. Boy, did I find surprising pictures. Pictures that I not only forgot about, but were core parts of some interesting projects. This is one of them. This is a bull. Slow your roll.. She — the women — is aContinue reading “Run, Run,Run”


C hanging your perspective. You can fight it or forget it. I just read a story in The Washington Post about a woman who missed her flight and couldn’t get out until the next day. At first she was very unhappy, but as midnight came she realized that aside from the night staff she wasContinue reading “Wonder”