C hanging your perspective. You can fight it or forget it. I just read a story in The Washington Post about a woman who missed her flight and couldn’t get out until the next day. At first she was very unhappy, but as midnight came she realized that aside from the night staff she wasContinue reading “Wonder”


I ‘ve read it all, it’s black and whiteThe spectrum made any shade I likeThe crimson rays are ruby brightTechnicolor light, ow (Red!)I want red, there’s no substitute for red(Red!)Paint it red, green ain’t me compared to red You don’t know what it does to meMy crimson sin intensityI’m haunted by the mysteryThe mystery ofContinue reading “Red”

The Grass Is Blue

I try to learn something everyday. Sometimes I don’t. Mostly I do. Luckily. I also think that I can read. I also try to read beyond the headline. And, think. Just a little bit. Today I was scrolling through my Facebook feed. I know, I know, that’s courting disaster. I came to a story thatContinue reading “The Grass Is Blue”

Between Here And Gone

D o you want to help Ukraine? Then help Poland, specifically Warsaw. They have absorbed almost two million refugees. Their systems are cracking under the weight of so many extra people. Lodging, food , medical and schools are really feeling the strain. One of their leaders said something like,I can turn some away from careContinue reading “Between Here And Gone”

Red, Red, Red

R ed. They taught us in art school that if you must err picking color, you should err on the side of warmth. Humans tend to like warmer pictures over colder ones. I’m not sure they meant red, but I like the color. I had two goals in mind when I made this little portfolio.Continue reading “Red, Red, Red”

Don’t Call Them Trollies

N ew Orleans is known for a lot of things. One of them is our streetcars. The green streetcars run along St.Charles Avenue and, eventually, Carrolton. They are the most of famous of the two. The red cars run up Canal Street and eventually end up at City Park. This is little portfolio came togetherContinue reading “Don’t Call Them Trollies”


I had a lot to talk about. Apparently, it wasn’t that important because I can’t think of any of it. Sleep on it, they say. Seems to have worked. At any rate, I’m back. But, I’m not sure for how long. I tried to switch my extension to the one I’ve had for 30 years.Continue reading “Twilight”

How Soon Is Now?

T his has been a nightmare to post. For some reason the computer crashed. I had to go into recovery mode which dropped all of my passwords. Of course, everything that I needed to load took forever. WordPress, which is always a problem, got worse. Spell check stopped functioning and try as I might IContinue reading “How Soon Is Now?”


I t seems I went backwards today. My last two posts were artistic in nature. They were pictures that helped you to feel. I hope. This picture is more traditional in the sense that it helps you to see the end of a day as I documented it. It may also help you to feel.Continue reading “Everlong”