A Decade Of Nothing

This is just a picture. I made it roughly a decade ago. I made it on Christmas Eve 2012. I made it at the bonfires on the river near Lutcher, Louisiana. We light the bonfires to guide Papa Noel down the Mississippi River to New Orleans so all the fine people of the city canContinue reading “A Decade Of Nothing”

Here I Am

“Life doesn’t wave as it’s speeding by. Better grab on fast and hold on tight. And don’t ever forget to fight this good fight. Here I am.” It’s a calling. I make pictures for myself first, and then for everybody else. I’m there for myself but being there for everybody else comes in a closeContinue reading “Here I Am”

Watching The River Flow

I wasn’t sure what to publish next, but there were a couple of comments on Facebook and here that sort of guided my way. My friend Greg Gross, who publishes a great travel blog called, I’m Black and I Travel at http://www.imblackanditravel.com made a few comments about the history of Cairo. I had no ideaContinue reading “Watching The River Flow”

New Orleans

After a couple of winter-like days, we’ve warmed up a bit. Well, a lot. Today, the high temperature was around 82 degrees. With that, we’ve had a lot of low winter light along with a lot of fast-moving clouds.  So. I did the only thing that I could do. I took advantage of it andContinue reading “New Orleans”

Crescent City Connection (Again)

Before I get really going on this post, I thought I share something with you. My friends at the Albuquerque Photographers Gallery  http-::www.abqphotographersgallery.com: were talking about lavender skies in Albuquerque via a post on Facebook. I had to chuckle because they think New Mexico is the only place that has lavender skies. But, my picture sortContinue reading “Crescent City Connection (Again)”

Running Low

To be very honest with you, I’m running out of pictures for Storyteller. At least for now. I am about five days away from the point where I can make some new images. So, I’m rooting around in my out takes. This image was sort of an experiment. When I arrived in Memphis, I sortContinue reading “Running Low”

Sometimes I Walk

Well. Mostly I like to walk. Trains. Planes. And, automobiles. They are just for getting someplace quickly. To see. To really see, you have to walk. Walking gives you just enough time to see what’s coming and to react in order to make the picture. And, you can see the details. The devil is inContinue reading “Sometimes I Walk”

Merry Christmas

That’s all I was going to write. Nothing more. And, post this picture. But, something happened that I want to tell you all about. I got lost. I rarely get lost even when I try to get lost. It’s just an instinct that I have. In my defense, getting to either Gramercy or Lutcher fromContinue reading “Merry Christmas”

Gulf Skies

Most people know about the summer weather in New Orleans. The temperatures turn very hot. The humidity rises to sauna level. There is a lot of rain… but only for short periods of time. The clouds become very dramatic. This summer season is no different from most, except that the weather got hotter sooner thanContinue reading “Gulf Skies”