How It Be

It’s not a Sunday picture, Well. It is. Sorta. A long time back I use to publish “Experimental Sunday.” It was a sort of predictable Sunday feature when I posted images that I was tinkering with, or worse, making unrecognizable. Like this one. I call it this picture, “Lonely Future.” It’s about all the constant regulatory rollContinue reading “How It Be”

Experimentation Sunday

It’s Sunday. I experiment. Or, I go photograph a second line parade. I’m too still sick to go out in the street and work. I thought I was better yesterday. But, this damn flu just won’t let go. I haven’t been able to really work in a week. It’s making me crazy. But, it isContinue reading “Experimentation Sunday”

Drive By…

Drive by. No. Not that kind. This is about pictures. Not guns. Not bullets. But, we did have 17 or 18 shootings over the long Memorial Day weekend. “Only” four people died. “Only.” It wasn’t as horrible as the shootings were in Santa Barbara, California. But, still… Anyway, we’ve had some really bad light. NotContinue reading “Drive By…”

I Got Work To Do

A couple of you have asked. So, I thought I would kill many birds with one stone. A self-portrait. Me at work. And, the picture that I was chasing. It’s not your usual selfie. But, nobody in my house ever does things “the usual way.” I’ve been doing it unusually for a long time. WhyContinue reading “I Got Work To Do”

100 Miles From Somewhere

Many of you already know that I make some pictures by shooting out of the windshield. That’s pretty easy with all these new fangled auto-everything cameras. Just point and shoot. But, sometimes, I hold the camera with my left hand and focus on my left rear view mirror. You never know what might show upContinue reading “100 Miles From Somewhere”

Been So Long

Only in New Mexico. Only in the high desert of Northern New Mexico can you see a wonderful sunset and feel the rain on your shoulders at the same time. It’s wonderful. The rain falls. Hard. But you know that it won’t last long and you can get back to it. Or just get toContinue reading “Been So Long”

A Strange One

I’m not sure what this picture says. If it says anything at all. It’s one of my drive by pictures. In fact, it’s a drive up to picture. I guess I like the composition and the color. It did take a bit of work in post production to get it anywhere near close to whatContinue reading “A Strange One”

The City

This picture is a rare look at I-10 with no traffic as you enter the city. Normally, I’d write this off as dumb luck, but it’ was really about 8am on a Sunday morning when people are either getting ready for church or getting ready for NFL football. Me? I was taking advantage of aContinue reading “The City”

A Country Road

A little while back, I took a ride into the country outside of New Orleans. Depending on which way you drive, you can be in swamplands, gulf coast scenery or even what I tend to think of as just “The South.” “The South” is where I went. I traveled downriver towards Delacroix. Even though it’sContinue reading “A Country Road”