Tag: Route 66

  • A Study In Rural New Mexico

    More design experiments. Somewhere deep inside I have ideas percolating around and around. I just have to find them and figure them out. You all are the beneficiaries. Enjoy what you are and let me know what you think. Please.

  • All The Numbers

    New Mexico. My happy place. Even though I’m very happy to live on the farm, New Mexico always makes me feel better. I need that. We hope to return home on January 9th. Before we make it home, we will have attended 5 funerals, two jazz funerals and played at three fund raising benefits. I’d […]

  • Maybe Not. Ever.

    I’ve been going on and on about Substack. Now, I’m not so sure. If you followed me over there, you saw my rant yesterday. I really hate being nagged, by anybody for anything. Their programmers do that every chance that they get. That’ll drive me off as soon as I can get up and run. […]

  • Winter Long

    Winter in New Mexico is a lot of things. High in the mountains in places like Santa Fe and Taos winter is snowy almost all season long. In Albuquerque there are probaby one or two big snow storms during the winter, which causes havoc because there isn’t much snow removal equipment. On the plains winter […]

  • Solid Rock

    This is a tale of a confused mind, mine. I made this picture in my New Mexico days, It’s out west near the crossroads of I-40 and Route 66. Supposedly, those two roads are parallel so how could they cross. Trust me. They do. It’s just one of those things that happens in the desert. […]

  • All Bright and Glittering

    A nother long strange trip in a dream. It went this way. I was trying to get out of a city that was falling apart. Buildings were crumbling or on fire. Crime was at an all time high. There were riots in the streets. The rioters defeated the police because the police were understaffed. I […]

  • Last Stop Texaco

    T his hell scape was once a busy roadside stop. They sold fuel, worked on broken down cars and had a little store. That was years ago when the road that ran right in front of it was a busy Route 66. Along came a new Interstate 40. The road in the background is basically […]

  • The Edge

    T he edge of town. No darkness here. Just raw, bright New Mexican light. This is where Route 66 sort of comes to an end. It’s about as far west in Albuquerque as you can go, without leaving the city line. I think that these ruins, probably once a gas station and cafe, were caused […]

  • Long Time Gone

    G oing where the sun keeps shining through the pouring rain. That’s what the song says. That’s what it felt like on many days out there in the high desert. This is the other end of Central Avenue, Route 66. In Albuquerque. It is a business district. When I lived there two old school camera […]