Tag: Rush Hour

  • NYC Morning

    Once, In New York City near the Financial District, I turned around and saw this scene. Not quite. I saw people hustling their way through morning rush hour. The light was fine, but the motion was not. I went to a very old trick. I set the shutter speed for two seconds, and the f […]

  • Bring The Donut Army

    B efore I tell you about New York City and these pictures let me tell you about the headline. I was listening to a podcast. One of the presenters told a bad joke. It was along the lines of what do donuts say to people who are eating them? There are dozens of us. This […]

  • Night Riders

    Well. For me this is a lesson in not giving up. Here’s the story. I wanted to photograph one more Christmas display yesterday evening. It was the most amazing collection of white lights I’d ever seen. Unfortunately, I saw it too late in the day when the sky was already black. Despite the notion that […]

  • Cross Town Traffic

    There is one Cross Harbor tunnel in Hong Kong. It connects Hong Kong Island to Kowloon at Hung Hom. It was built in 1972. ┬áThere are two other tunnels called The Eastern and Western Harbour Crossing tunnels as well. Even though they were designed to ease traffic flow even during peak hours of travel. They […]

  • Time And Time Again

    If you never ridden a double-decker bus in Hong Kong during rush hour you have no idea what you are missing. It’s colorful. It’s noisy. Motion is blurred. It’s crowded. And yet, everything fits. In all my years there, I never saw an accident that was caused by these insanely crowded conditions. And, despite its […]

  • In The City

    I’m posting late today. very late. I try to write in the morning. But, things got away from me. Anyway. This image was made on film. Y’all remember that, don’t you? the picture is my way of capturing the crowds during morning rush hour in New York City. I think that to do that properly, […]