It’s Alway The Sky

New Mexico light. That’s one of the biggest reason that artists flock to the high desert of New Mexico. It was not one of the reasons that I came, but I sure used the light as much as I could. I didn’t always make pictures of scenes like this one unless the light was spectacular.Continue reading “It’s Alway The Sky”


T his testing isn’t easy. There are tricks and traps everywhere. I found a way to change type color. “Ah ha!,” I thought. Wrong again. Even though WordPress says it’s block, Tag Clouds are not. You can’t anything to them except remove them once they are applied. I suppose there is a way to changeContinue reading “Twilight”


Memories. The Sandias near Albuquerque, New Mexico. This was one of the last pictures I made in the state before we returned to New Orleans. Originally, the picture was bright and bold. I thought that I would rework it into something a little different. I wanted to feel like I was gazing at a dream.Continue reading “Memories”

The Very First One

The iPhone will be ten years old next year. I was an early adopter. Not for the camera, which wasn’t much. But, for the potential. And, the ability to carry a pretty much fully functioning computer around in my pocket. Apparently, Apple thought so too. It got to the point that most of us whoContinue reading “The Very First One”

And So It Goes

Well, that was something. Yesterday. More comments than usual. More comments expressing opinion beyond the comments of image praise. It made me smile. It should make you smile. I never intended for Storyteller to be political. But, these are strange days, indeed. John Lennon said that. Forty years ago. I suspect as 2017 rolls on, StorytellerContinue reading “And So It Goes”