What You Look For

W hen I awoke, I was feeling confused. Something was missing. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.The feeling passed. I let it go. It came back when I started working. I still couldn’t place it. I played some music. Music is magic. I takes me to other places. It inspires me. It centersContinue reading “What You Look For”

Pressure Drop

On the first day. I saw this. I thought the contrast was wonderful. I almost din’t push the button because in its perfection it seemed a little common. I thought that anybody could make this picture. But, will they? I think the photographers travel way too far to photograph something similar. I’m lazy. In myContinue reading “Pressure Drop”


Twenty-Nineteen. The year that was. The closing year of the end of a decade. Ups. Downs. All arounds. This year wasn’t as great photographically as it could have been. That was pretty much my fault. Between physical issues and a general lack of motivation I mostly produced a lot of faux nature pictures. Some whereContinue reading “Twenty-Nineteen”

Pictures Like Winter

Winter seems to have arrived a few days early. Everywhere. That gives me a chance to make some of my favorite kinds of pictures. Bare trees. Faded blue skies. And, a feeling of cold. That’s one of the tricks they teach you early in photography and in commercial press printing. If you want your snowContinue reading “Pictures Like Winter”

A Day Like Today

In the morning. The air was lighter. The sun was clearer. The shadows were longer. That’s what I felt and saw. That’s the picture that I made just a few hours ago. Today. I made it at the end of a walk. The light wasn’t great until the moment I saw this scene. I triedContinue reading “A Day Like Today”

They Said It Was Fall

They said the weather would turn cold. They said that we’d get fall colors. They said the humidity would drop Hahahahahaha. Yesterday, election day, the temperature dropped to a brisk 82 degrees. The humidity? Let’s just say that I changed clothes three times. Just like in the dog days of summer. Then, the rain fell.Continue reading “They Said It Was Fall”

At Dusk

The quiet time. Dusk. Blue Hour. A great time to photograph. An even greater time to just be. I went outside not thinking that I’d even take a picture, but the light — oh, the light — was amazing. So, I made a few pictures of some favorite subjects of mine. Trees. Sky. A littleContinue reading “At Dusk”

At Least

Storms to the east. Fires to the west. A liar up north. I don’t know about you, but I need a break. From the news. From thinking about prepping for the next three potential storms. That’s what this picture is about. Rain poured down at night. By morning, the sky was bright and clear withContinue reading “At Least”

It’s Too Late

I keep reading and hearing that summer is almost at its end. That most schools are back in session. And, forget baseball. It’s football season. Some of those things are correct. They are set according to a calendar. Summer isn’t over, at least for us, not by a long shot. Around here the end ofContinue reading “It’s Too Late”