Tag: Second Lines

  • Out on the Street

    M usic. You know me and music. You know me and brass bands. Here’s a little portfolio about just that. In all the years that I photographed second lines I cannot tell you how many times I made pictures of brass bands. I think it’s the passion that I like. The music matters because it […]

  • A Decade

    A decade. Ten years. 3,650 days. A lot happened. A lot didn’t happen. I can’t remember half of it. That’s probably for the best. But, this is what I know. A made a helluva (that’s a technical term) lot of pictures in ten years. Some were really good. Some were good. And, a lot of […]

  • Not Enough Masks

    A little clean up time. Sometimes pictures don’t make the final cut. They are close enough. I thought I’d show you a few from two second lines that missed the first cut… a little bit. Single Ladies. And the jazz funeral for Chef Leah Chase. I thought I’d stack them up all in one big […]

  • Best Twelve

    I didn’t quite make it. Not because I couldn’t stand it. Instead, I realized that “best of” collections are best done before the turn of the year. Not on the first, or second of January when I said I would return. Instead, I’m back. Sort of. On December 31, 2018. Tomorrow is January 1, 2019. […]

  • Once You’ve Heard…

    … the truth, everything else is just cheap whiskey. There you have it. Cheap whiskey. Nothing more. Nothing less. I think I’ll forget about any rumors about anything until I know it to be true. For me. At any level. Anywhere. That said, tools of the trade. That’s what these pictures are about.  Sparkling. Glowing. […]

  • 2016

      2016. What could I write that hasn’t been already written? It’s been a rough year. It doesn’t seem to want to let go. There’s also been some wonderful moments. Especially when you look at them at a more granular level. Dig in.  Forget all the noise. Just listen to the signal. In my case all […]

  • Two Thousand

      Two Thousand posts. One a day. That’s how many posts I’ve made on Storyteller. That’s a lot. Or, to put it another way, 5.479 Years. Or, 65.75 Months. It wasn’t always Storyteller. And, it wasn’t always on WordPress. It started out on eBlogger. It started out as a New Mexican blog. Because that’s where […]