Midnight Clear

Christmas in New Orleans. A magical time of year. Living in the semi tropics makes so. Hold on.  It’s Christmas Eve. It’s time for children to go to bed early. A night when the kids leave a plate of cookies and a glass of milk for Santa. It’s a night of hope and wonder. AroundContinue reading “Midnight Clear”

And, The Weather Turned Cold

First, the rains came. Thunder too. The mixing of two weather systems. When we ventured outside, man, it was cold. And, windy. The dog who sees things wanted no part if it. She knows a few words. One of them is walk. She hears that and waits by the leashes. Another is home. She hearsContinue reading “And, The Weather Turned Cold”


“I told you about the fool on the hill. I tell you he’s living there still.” Well, that’s not what the picture is about. That’s a lyric from “Glass Onion.” From The Beatles “White Album.” The newly released 50 year anniversary version. Remixed. With a lot of other versions of songs with I which IContinue reading “Quiet”


Water. I read once that the next big war would not be fought over oil. It would be fought over water. I also read that in this time of proto climate change which includes droughts, higher temperatures around the world and extreme weather events, that there will be more immigration than ever. I read that evenContinue reading “Droplets”

Green World

A semi-tropical place. Yep. That’s us. We look that way. The heat feels that way. The humidity feels that way. Essentially, we live in an outdoor hothouse. Even when the cooler air and lower sun of winter rolls around, we are still a hothouse. We just don’t feel it. I was out wandering around withContinue reading “Green World”

The Dance

Dancing flowers and a dog walk. I was a little late to this place. Still there was a little spring color left to catch my eye. It took some work, in the field and in post production, because this group was a little out of reach for my smart phone. If I actually got seriousContinue reading “The Dance”

Clouds. A Quick Study.

How could I not? I claim that I’m not a nature photographer. I also don’t usually take pictures of clouds except as part of a much larger scene. But, when I see it I photograph it. So I did it. This is also what happens when you keep a camera handy. I was running errands whenContinue reading “Clouds. A Quick Study.”

Southern Sky

Spring. When the weather changes. When the wind starts to change direction. When the storms blow in from a different direction. When even peaceful skies turn dramatic. Some people go north to chase this kind of light. Me? I just wait for it. It’ll come. If it doesn’t come today. It’ll come tomorrow.

Summer Clouds

I keep saying that New Orleans is a sub-tropical place. Our rainy season occurs during the summer months. because of that, even rain isn’t falling, we usually have some pretty dramatic clouds appearing in the sky. This is one of those pictures that I made on my way to someplace else.  It was made atContinue reading “Summer Clouds”