The Glow

Like a dream. Summer arrives like a dream. Even though we are five days from Summer Solstice, and the longest day of the year, those of us who live in the south have had summer-like weather since some time in May. We had a few cooler days, but for the most part we feel theContinue reading “The Glow”

Boarded Up & Closed Off

The guy who owns this house isn’t playing around. Usually when you find an old abandoned building, maybe a leftover from the storm, a few windows are boarded up. Maybe the door. Usually, the structures are wide open. They’ve been vandalized. They been tagged. They been torn up. But, not this little house. Its ownerContinue reading “Boarded Up & Closed Off”

Bad Weather

Bad weather. I like working in it. Rain. Snow. Slush. Ice. Even wind. I often quote National Geographic’s Sam Abell who said, “When the weather turns bad, the pictures get good.” I probably live in a good place for that. Although we don’t often get snow or ice in New Orleans, we do get a lot of rain. MistyContinue reading “Bad Weather”

Other Times…

I was talking about not having to go anywhere special to take pictures. That was yesterday. Today is a different day. But, it’s the same sort of topic. It’s about your picture and being aware of pictures around you. Let’s say you do travel. I do. Sometimes too much. I get stuck in airports. StuckContinue reading “Other Times…”

Road Trips

Road trips. They begin. They end. Somewhere in the middle is sort of a mid-point. A turn around place. Sometimes, that’s the destination. You get there. You stay there for a while. You return. In this case, it was unplanned. We just decided that we’d driven up river far enough and that we needed to startContinue reading “Road Trips”

Out on the Road. Take 63,781. Or, Something Like That.

Well, well, well… Remember when I got sort of turned around and went the wrong way? You’ll also remember that I wasn’t lost. I just got turned around. Guys, dudes, men, even boys never get lost. We always know where we are. Of course we do. We are generally on the planet. We think. BeyondContinue reading “Out on the Road. Take 63,781. Or, Something Like That.”

World of Strange Design

The World of Strange Design. Let me tell you about it. But, first let me tell you that I borrowed the title from Rosanne Cash’s last album called “The River & The Thread.” The entire album is about her coming to understand where she’s from. And, what that means. And, accepting it as home. For me,Continue reading “World of Strange Design”

The Road (Part Three)

I wrote about this place a couple of days ago. But, I never showed you a picture. It is called The Kenilworth Plantation Mansion. Originally constructed in 1759, it was pretty much ruined by Hurricane Katrina. But, it was restored to way beyond its former glory. When I first saw it, I was stunned. IContinue reading “The Road (Part Three)”

Miles And Miles

And so it’s time to move on from The Christmas Series. This may only be a short bridge series until the New Year. We’ll see. This year has been one of a lot of miles. A lot of different places. A lot of new things. So, I thought I’d do a little travel thing. NotContinue reading “Miles And Miles”