Tag: Shadow

  • Somewhere Under Heaven

    T his is a New Mexico picture. Sometimes I just see shapes and I want to see what they look when I photograph them. I’d forgotten this picture until Amazon found it some buried sub-archive. Boy, was I happily surprised. I’d tell you that this is an adobe wall, but it is not. It is some […]

  • A Change of Tune

    Reflection in the glass. A moody image. Lost in the mists of The French Quarter. One early morning. I saw the mannequin. Eyes peering out at me. If I didn’t know where I was. On Royal Street. I might have thought the face was real. I stepped back. Wanting to add a little mystery to […]

  • Water World

    I seem to be a little obsessed. With water. And, why not? If you read anything about climate change, you know just how important water is to all of us. To our lives. To our lifestyle. To our bodies. You know that 8 glasses of water per day thing? It’s real. That’s just a ballpark […]

  • My Way. Or not.

    The super moon. My version. Or, something like that. If you recall, my picture-taking of the super moon pretty much failed. It wasn’t for lack of planning. Or, maybe it was. I didn’t realize that about an hour after it rose, it would look about like any other full moon. It would also be fairly small in […]

  • Another View

    Casting a shadow. Locally, people call this view “Touchdown Jesus.” What do expect from a city who has an NFL football team called “The Saints?” After all, we live in “Who Dat “city. I’ve photographed this scene from many angles. But, never straight on. I guess I thought that the bars on the fence would […]