There was a Time

Once upon a time I spent a lot of time in Hong Kong. I lived there. I worked there. I wandered around and made pictures there. This is one of them x three. This is yet another experiment in post production, in page design, in actually making the picture itself. I don’t know what IContinue reading “There was a Time”

Junk on the Wall

Long ago. And far away. I used to spend a lot of time in Hong Kong. Six years worth of time. When I wasn’t working, I was working. Uh, what? My day job was book production. Large press management. Anybody who knows anything about that industry knows there is an incredible amount of downtime. And, workContinue reading “Junk on the Wall”

In the Oldest Building

Another bit of reworking. Man Mo Temple. Sheung Wan. Hong Kong. Everybody takes this picture in some form. Mostly, I’ve seen it with many rows of incense coils. It’s a stock travel staple. I’ve probably shot the location 15 or 16 times. Nothing really changes. The temple was built in 1847. It’s reputed to beContinue reading “In the Oldest Building”

The Wet Market

Once again, I’ve decided to publish a picture from Hong Kong. This image was made from the Hollywood Road entrance to the wet market in Central. It’s more of a scene setter which gives the viewer an idea of where the market is located among the skyscrapers of the city. In case you are wondering,Continue reading “The Wet Market”

Far Away Home

When I first started hanging out in Hong Kong, I used to live on this street. In those days, Staunton Street was aw very quiet street. There was a small printing shop, a repair shop, a seamstress and – the big tourist attraction at the time – the one time home of Sun Yat Sen.InContinue reading “Far Away Home”

Beads, Bangles and Art

This is Cat Alley. Or Lascar’s Row, if you prefer. It has a very spotty reputation. At various times in history it was either a red light district, or a bunch of rooming houses for Indian sailors who made port in Hong Kong. Today, it ‘s sort of an arts and crafts center where touristsContinue reading “Beads, Bangles and Art”

Time In Hong Kong

I’ve spent a lot of  my life in Hong Kong. For me, it’s a kind of home. It’s probably one of my three most favorite cities in the world. I know it well. I photograph it in many different ways since I know the city so well. But, for this post I thought I’d showContinue reading “Time In Hong Kong”