Then This

R unning errands, I needed a place to park for just a few minutes. So I parked here. I hate to say this, but the sign is meaningless. Unless it is posted by the city or county it has no legal status. Still, normally that doesn’t matter for me. I woudn’t park here. I justContinue reading “Then This”


A lot of WordPress writers are taking part in NaNoWriMo which, to my brain, reads like “No Mo Writing.” Writers are supposed to churn out 50,000 words during the month of November. I’d try to do it but I don’t have enough to say. Besides, my fiction would go something like this. One night heContinue reading “Windfall”

One from the past. In Central City. Looking at the picture now I see a lot of squares or boxes. Sort of like a rough Mondrian. Only different. I think that I might have some new work tonight. I have choices. I can photograph the start of the Christmas season with a bonfire in AlgiersContinue reading

A Sign

This is not a sign of the times. It is a ghost sign. Hiding in plain site. A billboard for all to see. There was a plastic sign hung over it. It rotted through the ages. It fell away reveal the original work behind it. Knowing the neighborhood, it’ll likely remain this way for aContinue reading “A Sign”

Cease Fire

Cease Fire. These signs started showing up a few years ago. They didn’t work. There are weekend news reports that read like a baseball box score. But, instead of hits, runs and errors it reads like shootings, muggings and murders. For a while, it seemed like the police had a handle on it. But, we are still short aboutContinue reading “Cease Fire”

Cease Fire

I was on my way to the Saturday second line and looking for place to park, when I stumbled upon this little scene. So, I parked across the street. I saw that sign. Cease Fire. That campaign is at least four years old. It seems as appropriate to today as it was back then. NothingContinue reading “Cease Fire”

Sno Balls

Sno balls. Oh boy. I’m not sure I should get into this. In New Orleans we have great debates about the best sno balls, or snow balls, in the city. Usually there are neighborhood favorites. Every neighborhood thinks their stand is the best. The so-called gold standard is Hansen’s Sno-Blitz on Tchoupitoulas Street. At least, that’s what the peopleContinue reading “Sno Balls”


It started a few days ago. We were walking to the area in which the Indians were assembling for Super Sunday and their massive second line parade, when I happened to see this scene. I had to stop to make a few pictures. I think you all know what this means. I wish that youContinue reading “Prayer”

Signs, Symbols and Time

The caption just about says it all.  But, let me explain it a little further. A descanso is a small piece folk art that is placed on  a spot where somebody died. It is a memorial. It is generally home-made by people who loved or cared for the person who lost his or her lifeContinue reading “Signs, Symbols and Time”