Witches, Ghosts and Michael Myers

Here it is. The day of the big night. The night when stuff used to burn in Detroit, when eggs were thrown at houses of people who yelled, “Hey! You kids stay offa my lawn,” when the houses of popular kids were tp’d (Kids used to wrap houses, trees, cars even dogs with toilet paper.Continue reading “Witches, Ghosts and Michael Myers”

What Remains Home again. This picture is not of home. This was made in New Mexico while a brush fire was burning in the distance. Pretty soon it wasn’t in the distance. It was staring at us. So, we beat feet. I had to know what happened so I returned to the scene. This pictureContinue reading

Day Three. Halloween.

This picture has everything. Skeletons. St. Charles Avenue. Streetcars. Blue Light. Speeding Traffic. A wrought iron fence. It isn’t particularly scary. But, it does give you a sense of place. If you know anything about New Orleans, you know where you are.  If you’ve been with me for very long you know about this place. It’s aContinue reading “Day Three. Halloween.”

And, One More

They say “until death do us part…”  I used to know a mechanic who put license plate frames on his customers cars that read, ” customer after death” with his logo. I never understood what that meant. These two skeletons have cleared that up for me. Once you really commit to something, you should considerContinue reading “And, One More”

More Skeletons. Lots More… Skeletons

Well. I promised you more skeletons. Here they are. I still don’t know any more about the people who own the house and do this. But, eventually I’ll find out. This picture relies on a little more post production than yesterday’s picture. Since, it’s suppose to be scary I grunged it up a little bit.Continue reading “More Skeletons. Lots More… Skeletons”