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  • The Days That Used To Be

    This is one of those posts in which the photograph has nothing to do with the text. That happens sometimes. A friend of mine who is much smarter than me reminded me of the day. I’d almost forgotten. I went to last year’s daybook and found that she was right. One year ago today is […]

  • Not Dark Yet

    Southern light. Gulf light. I was told just the other day that our light is special because of the humidity. Supposedly, it is more creamy. I’m not sure about that. Humidity is caused by airborne water droplets. They reflect red light, making blue skies muddy. Sort of gray. That’s just science. Optics. I suppose if […]

  • Weather… Or Not

    The season of changes. We’ve had cool and dry weather. The best kind. Now, we have moist and warm weather. The worst kind, this early in the season. The weather blabbers on the local television stations are already talking about hurricane season. Settle down. That’s just under two months away. Anyway. I get to make […]

  • Heat

    This isn’t what you think. This about New Orleans.  This is about the New Orleans that makes national news. This is about the city in the throes of summer. This is about murder. Mayhem. Mass shootings. Rolling shootings. This is about at least 11 people shot, leaving three dead. This is about the first shooting […]

  • Storm Season

    More of a graphic shape than a documentary picture. At least that’s how I see it. The silhouetted train car shape makes it so. It was just something I saw one late afternoon in the swamp. The swamp that has become really swampy. And, not to be forgotten, June 1 is the official start of […]

  • A Lesson for You All

    Settle down. Everyone. All of you. Try your best to think. Try your best not to overreact. We are in the middle of one our worst years ever. Between a pumpkin-headed president who hates anybody who isn’t like him and wants badly to fight a major war, all manner of anger, nature’s fury and just […]

  • Cotton Candy Clouds

    Cotton candy. In the sky. Sometimes this happens in between storms. Around dusk. When the air is heavy and still carries a lot of water droplets to reflect the low sunlight. Sunlight that bounces around like crazy and paints the sky with amazing colors. Sometimes, I have a great foreground. Usually, I’m completely out-of-place and […]

  • Upriver

    This is a perfect symbol. An icon. Of the state that I call home. Louisiana. Oil. Religion. All in one picture. Well, the oil “bidness” is tanking and the state is broke. That’s not the only reason. But, it certainly doesn’t help. The state is in a deep recession of its own making. And, religion? Well, […]

  • Gulf Coast Skies

    They say if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes. A lot of people in a lot of places say this. Of all the places I’ve been — and, that’s a lot — I’ve never seen the weather change as often and as frequently as it does in Southeast Louisiana. All these colorful clouds […]