Tag: Smiling

  • Over And Over

    This photograph emerged from the fog of my archives. I’m pretty sure I didn’t select it for anything because of the way her arm is raised showing her arm pit. I was raised with certain rules. One is no up-the-nostril pictures. Another is no arm pit pictures. So, I tinkered with it. I modified the […]

  • I Contain Multitudes

    He was sitting. My neighbor was worried that he was doing something he shouldn’t be. I thought that I’d check him out using the guise of liking his ink. He turned out to be a nice guy and that’s all I need say about that. I haven’t seen him since I made this photograph. If […]

  • Bye & Bye

    I needed this picture. The news is grim, getting grimmer. The virus is growing exponentially in New Orleans. I live in a country in desperate need of a leader. Many people, most not from NOLA, are trying to blame the mayor for not cancelling Mardi Gras. None of us knew. We certainly had no direction […]

  • The Season Begins

    A new season. Sometimes it isn’t about the seasons in nature. In New Orleans we have other seasons. Mardi Gras. Festival season. And, of course, second line season. It starts this Sunday with The Valley of Silent Men. We take a two-week break and then it’s on for 47 weeks. The only breaks come with […]

  • Skull Duggery

    A little skull for you. Because we are into our long Halloween weekend. Because it seems normal in the swamp that I call home. Because I saw it. Because I made the picture. Simple. Like a skull. The picture. It’s pretty much as I described it. f5.6 and be there. I worked on it a […]

  • In Your Hands

    Your pictures. Your hands. Eyes. Brain. Heart. That’s the thing about trying to teach you what I do. We all see differently. We all have different interests. Some of us make fully fleshed out pictures using most of the tools available to us. Others work in jpg and never move away from auto everything. Others […]

  • Rain. No Second Line.

    No second line today. It rained. A lot. Sort of a semi-tropical storm that built up in the Gulf. Normally, most second lines will run regardless of the weather. Not today.  The leaders had the time to make a decision. Today, I learned something about why second lines walk in bad storms. Or, walk when nobody shows […]

  • Watching

    On any Sunday. Second Lines. This one is called, “Keeping It Real.” It is pretty much a Mid City parade. After reviewing my take, I decide to make as many pictures as I could be about watching. I’m watching you, watching me, watching the parade. I was watching my Facebook page, my Twitter feed. A […]

  • Children’s Parade

    When I published the pictures of the Hot 8 brass band yesterday, I realized since this second line is called the VIP Ladies and Kids Social Aid and Pleasure Club, that I’d better publish some pictures of the kids. Not to worry. I’ll publish pictures of the ladies tomorrow.