Playing (Just)

It’s spring. Down here. In the swamp. Yesterday the high temperature was just above 80 degrees. The humidity is way down. The air seems crystal clear. Except in the morning when a lot of fog was floating around. All of that is great. But, it makes me lazy. I was supposed to take more picturesContinue reading “Playing (Just)”

Another Dream

The experts tell you not to make a picture that is all bokeh. So you know what I did. Immediately. Simply put, bokeh is the out of focus area in the background of a picture. It’s a Japanese word gone wild. The key is to leave something kind of recognizable in the background. Hopefully, youContinue reading “Another Dream”

One That Works

Compared to yesterday’s post, the train on this page is downright modern. It runs and it runs pretty quickly. It’s headed someplace west. How far? I don’t really know. I made this picture on the Westbank near Avondale where big ships are built. Oops. Where big ships were built. The last US Navy vessel leftContinue reading “One That Works”

Experimental Sunday

I wrote yesterday that I keep trying to move away from the sterility of digital capture. Even though I photographed not one, but two, second line parades today, I also made time for what I call “Experimental Sunday.” I used to do that a lot, but I’ve fallen off over the past couple of months. But,Continue reading “Experimental Sunday”

All a Dream. Four.

Nothing but light and color. This picture came at the end of a walking shoot through The French Quarter. It is really my classic drive by shooting style. We’ve talked about that enough so I won’t bore you with it. But, there is a huge change. It came from the technical challenges the light, theContinue reading “All a Dream. Four.”

A Little Bit Magical

I’ve always considered The St. Louis Cathedral to be dead center in New Orleans. I don’t mean that geographically. Nor, do I mean it historically. There are probably places that are really the center of both of those attributes. It is just the heart of things. It’s the biggest tourist attraction in The French Quarter.Continue reading “A Little Bit Magical”

Nothing But Light

Normally, I experiment on Sunday. Close enough. I made the picture on Sunday. It is sort of experimental. I actually made the picture as we were getting ready to leave after making a bazillion sunset pictures and no super moon picture. I always get sort of turned around when I am looking for the AlgiersContinue reading “Nothing But Light”

Easy. Three.

A nice Friday picture. It came pretty easily. I though that I could make a nice artistic statement. It was very simple. And, I had been looking at it for days without really seeing it. Sometimes that’s just how it is. This came after being lucky enough to hear The Dalai Lama talk today. ItContinue reading “Easy. Three.”

Wedding Cake House

Let’s start with a quote from the New Orleans Times-Picayune. “The three-story architectural confections have an Asian flair. Sometime back, a historian discovered that their shape was probably inspired by the Japanese pavilion at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis.” “But the Japanese-influenced layout is only the beginning. The ornament added to the basic pagoda-likeContinue reading “Wedding Cake House”