With the change of the seasons come other changes. Life changes. Uh oh. What am I changing? My changes aren’t so much about life as much as they are about my work. My career. Storyteller. I’m telling you my plans now because I really am unsettled when somebody that I follow, and converse with aContinue reading “Changes”

Now Comes Spring

We had four really cold days down here in the swamp. That’s it. That was winter. I know this because while we were walking — that dog and I —  saw brand new growth. Grass was sparkling in the winter sunlight just as if we walked into a magical forest; passing through time into spring.Continue reading “Now Comes Spring”

Now It’s Time

Now it’s Christmastime. I found this picture.  Actually, the dog who sees things found it. My head was wrapped in thought. Or, fog. I walked right by it. The dog saw the shiny object and had to investigate. Good thing too. I had a back up picture for today, but it is plan B andContinue reading “Now It’s Time”

Snow Day

Like fire and snow. Yes. We had a little snow. Mostly it didn’t stick to the ground. I suspect the ground is still too warm. Four days ago, the temperature was in the low 80s. It’s 33 degrees as I write. I tried photographing snow as it fell. That looked okay, but not great. IContinue reading “Snow Day”

Another Thing

Morning walks. When the light is low. When things turn a little magical. That’s the prose. Here’s what really happened. We had a little rain followed by a fairly strong breeze a couple of days ago. Any leaves that were hanging on for dear life were knocked down by the combination of water and wind.Continue reading “Another Thing”

What You Get

Fog. That’s what this is. Not an explosion. Sometimes if you make a picture with the lens fairly stopped down — smaller aperture  — you can get star-like effects. That also happens in foggy weather when you shoot into a light. That’s what I did. Obviously, this picture has been through some heavy post production.Continue reading “What You Get”

A Little Deeper

He said, “I’m going to drain the swamp.” Like just about everything else, he lied. Sometime in the early morning the swamp creatures voted to hurt just about every normal human in the country. Oh sure, corporate big business gets a break. And, the tip-top of the so-called 1%.  You know the ones. The onesContinue reading “A Little Deeper”

Hurricane Season

Yesterday was a big day. Oh, in the grand scheme of news it pretty much went unnoticed. After all, we are about to be decimated by a new tax scheme (I use that word intentionally), we are on the very edge of a nuclear war, the man known as the president is not only corrupt,Continue reading “Hurricane Season”


Tomato. You know. You say “toe-may-toe.” I say, “tom-mah-toe.” I made this picture yesterday. During our fall season. Looks about like spring anywhere else in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s that second growing season of ours. Stuff blooms. There are new buds.  Spring fruits and veggies start emerging from the earth. It’s just like that. AsContinue reading “Tomato”