Friday Follies

I couldn’t resist. I saw this picture in a really cool cloudy sky. So, I made it. Then, I made it some more in post production. Something like that, anyway. Even though I’ve been drawn to working with my “real” cameras lately, I did this all on my iPhone. Because. I downloaded and installed theContinue reading “Friday Follies”

Falling Stars

A change is gonna come. That’s what Autumn is about. Yeah, sure. It’s one of four seasons. It happens once a year. Everybody likes fall colors. What’s not to like about fall colors? Orange. Yellow. Red. They warm the heart. Photographers chase the changing of leaves all over the country. We have our favorite places.Continue reading “Falling Stars”

Looks a Little Like Fall

Fall. And, Halloween. All in one. I took a late dusk walk with one of the dogs. I didn’t think I could even take this picture. But, I tried. You are looking at the finished result after a little fine tuning and a little tinkering to make the picture glow. There is a lesson toContinue reading “Looks a Little Like Fall”

Who Knows Where The Time Goes

Today is the first day of Autumn. A change is in the air. Literally. But, not here. It’s a billion degrees again. With a million percent humidity. Oh well. We are used to it. It does get tiring about this time a year. Everybody would like a little cool air. The picture. This is whatContinue reading “Who Knows Where The Time Goes”

Exploding Sky

I knew this would happen. We had an afternoon storm that kept up until about 8pm. Unfortunately, I was spoken for so I could only go back to the scene of many crimes. This is what I saw. In my head. It’s what I felt. The original digital file is colorful, but fairly bland. ItContinue reading “Exploding Sky”

Chasing the Sky

I tried. I really did. New Orleans was at about 75% of the solar eclipse, yesterday. Unfortunately, we also had clouds and some rain. When I say that, don’t mistake it for total overcast. Or, a massive storm. Around here, one street has rain and clouds and the next one does not. So. I wentContinue reading “Chasing the Sky”

Another Experiment

I always say that Storyteller is a place for experiments. This is a big one. Yes. Sure. You know this place. You know the subject matter. My go to place when the sky does something interesting.  That’s why I selected the original base image. I used a new app. One that was recommended to meContinue reading “Another Experiment”

Summer Water

Water. Again. Why not? It’s the lifeblood of nature. Of you. Of me. I thought this picture was equally balanced. I’m glad that it’s not. Look closely, there is a dark gray border on the bottom with bubbles on it. It keeps the bottom of the picture heavier than the top. It sort of givesContinue reading “Summer Water”

The Bridge

It was the cloud that I wanted. The cloud that was reflecting the setting sun. The silhouetted bridge and power pole are just added bonuses. You know. Luck. Photographer’s luck. Keep moving. Go outside your door. Luck just sort of happens. Unfortunately, I miss a lot of pictures like this. I’m not often any placeContinue reading “The Bridge”