Sky Dog

Into Space I don’t know why, but this picture makes me really happy. From the moment I saw it on my screen, I just smiled. It was so good right from the start that I didn’t do much to it. I darkened the edges a little bit and stopped. Don’t do what you don’t needContinue reading “Sky Dog”


S pace. The final frontier. This picture was assembled from bits and pieces of other pictures. I’d say it was layered, but it wasn’t exactly that. Normally, I lay one entire picture over another. This time I laid a portion of a picture over the base and blended until you can’t see the edge. ItContinue reading “Questions”

Mystifies Me

T iming. It’s everything. Look in one direction and you see nothing. Turn around and there’s the picture. Make some great music and nobody hears it unless the timing is right. Play sports, maybe baseball. The difference between striking out and hitting a home run is timing. You get the point. This picture is aContinue reading “Mystifies Me”

Up, Down, All Around

No matter what you think. The picture isn’t it. Unless you look at the curve at the top, which is really the bottom. Yeah. Sure. This is one of those scenes that I return to when I can’t find a subject to suit a great sky. But, it’s different. It’s a reflection made by pointingContinue reading “Up, Down, All Around”


It’s in the air. Tonight. Today. I’m not the only one. Yesterday, I wrote about murky dreams. Dreams of the past. Dreams of people long forgotten. Of a time in the dim recesses of my mind. Between online conversations and some in real life, I’ve learned that I’m not the only one. People of aContinue reading “Space”

Cosmic Slop

A little bit out there. I keep trying to reach some kind of experimental art. Work that has nothing to do with my photographic roots. It doesn’t come easy. I can’t just say something like, “I think I’ll go make art today.” It doesn’t work that way. I have to find it. Or, it hasContinue reading “Cosmic Slop”

A Little Mystery

The space in between. That’s where the good stuff happens. That’s where we fill in the blanks. That’s where we make our own little mysteries. I made this picture the other night. I did developing and post production last night. We were watching a video about a deep dive to find a sunken Roman ship.Continue reading “A Little Mystery”

Into the Sky

Yes. Yes. Yes. I remember what I wrote yesterday. But, my muse had other ideas. So, I made a couple of black and white cloud studies. From my ongoing art studies, I know that this falls into very a classic style of photography. That, and self portraits… which have morphed into selfies. I’m not bigContinue reading “Into the Sky”

Along the Way

This is about as far as I can go in this series. Pure color. In space. The pictures are really made up of flowers, grass and trees. I layered them. I did a lot of post production prior to, and after, the layering. I found that it’s pretty important to do certain bits of postContinue reading “Along the Way”