Sometimes at Night

S ometimes, I talk about experimental pictures. Mostly that just means I’ve done something odd in post production. Not this time. I wanted to learn something about my smartphone camera at night. How would it hold up from a proper exposure standpoint? What would happen to the color? Would the image remain sharp enough. TheContinue reading “Sometimes at Night”


T his almost didn’t happen. I had so many problems rebooting and reinstalling software that I was about to give up. For instance, OnOne took just one hour and fifteen minutes to load. I have no idea why. Most everything else loaded in a reasonable amount of time. But, there was a lot of it.Continue reading “Sunlight”


After a hard rain. The jewels of nature. Sparkling like they have their own light source. Laying on wet pavement for all to see. We are at that weird point of summer merging into autumn. It is very hot. The light is getting low and golden. Leaves are starting to fall. A leaf fell onContinue reading “Colorific”


Storm, after storm, after storm. That’s what you get down here. The rainy season. Like many tropical or semi-tropical places, summer is the wet season. And, the most humid season. Oh yeah. It’s also hurricane season. I’ll worry about that later. For right now, it means a lot of chances to photograph wet stuff. SparklingContinue reading “Sparkle”

Sunday Glow

Another lazy picture. Made at the edge of our garden. In late afternoon, but not as the sun is setting. A little before that. Let’s all just look at the subject matter. It’s a nice, peaceful Sunday picture. That’s all it is. And, that’s what I intended. Photo lesson coming. You can stop right here andContinue reading “Sunday Glow”

Where Do Mardi Gras Beads Come From?

While I was out and about chasing Mardi Gras Indians and rolling food trucks, I came to lower St. Charles Avenue and saw trees drenched in beads. While I was making pictures, a little girl walked by with her mom. I told them these are Mardi Gras Bead Trees and the beads were being grownContinue reading “Where Do Mardi Gras Beads Come From?”

Really Fresh Fish

If you ever happen to find yourself in Tokyo and you’ve come from the west, you will probably wake up very early because of dateline and jet lag issues. The thing to do is to head to the to the Tsukiji Fish Market. It is the biggest wholesale market in the world. But, you haveContinue reading “Really Fresh Fish”

Nothing But Color

So. I was in a little store on Magazine Street in New Orleans with a friend of mine while she was searching for a belated Mother’s day gift when I spotted these colorful little bracelets hanging on a little tree. They come in all sorts of bright colors. You know me and bright colors.  IContinue reading “Nothing But Color”