We listen to podcasts. Kyria Swisher’s “Sway” is one of the best. She talked with Larry Ellison yesterday. He made the new “Top Gun” movie with Tom Cruise. Everything is done in camera. Tom Cruise put together a “learn to fly” program so that everybody who was supposed to fly could fly. He, like LarryContinue reading “Circles”

After the Rain

N ot talking. That’s what I’m not going to do. Before I do I need an apology. And, a promise from that guy to never darken my door again. Yes. That’s how I can be. S ee the scene. Push the button. Make sure the the colors are as I saw them. Publish it onContinue reading “After the Rain”

Particle and Wave

I’ve heard that everybody hits a wall. The wall comes after too much isolation. After too much inside. After not being able to visit friends without a handshake or hug. I thought that I was fine. That we were fine. We have our own little circle. But, that’s not enough. I awoke yesterday feeling tired.Continue reading “Particle and Wave”

Hip To Be Square

As days go by. We’ve discovered an interesting little unintended consequence of living in a bubble. Time is melting. Each day is the same as the next. Unless I make notes about what I am doing I have no idea what day it is. I do have some idea of time because I continue toContinue reading “Hip To Be Square”

Down the Drain

After a hard rain. You find… pictures. Everything is crisp, bright, colorful. Even the moss is emerald green. This doesn’t last for long. What falls down must rise up in our heat and humidity. An hour or two after I made this picture everything calmed down. The brightness was mundane again. An hour or twoContinue reading “Down the Drain”

A Little For Everyone

Everything you could want. All in one picture. Water. Leaves. Grass. Rocks. During spring. In nature. I suppose that there’s more. But, I don’t need much. This just about does it for me. In case you’re wondering, this is a little water feature in a pocket park near to where we live. The idea isContinue reading “A Little For Everyone”


“When we act our age they tell you there’s no more snow crab.” – Frankie Yes. One of our guilty pleasures is Netflix’ Frankie and Grace. It’s back for another season. I’m not going to tell you much about it except to say that it’s wonderful. It’s for everybody, but it speaks a certain generation.Continue reading “When”

The Big Square

Yes. The big square. It made a lot of sense to me to crop the picture into a square format. Normally, I would say that square crops are sort of a vanilla design approach. It keeps the picture from showing motion. Or, direction. It’s been a fad for website designers for a while now. IContinue reading “The Big Square”

That’s All Folks

Another Carnival Season comes to a close. I hope those of you who celebrated had a good time. For the rest of you, maybe next year. It’s really worth it.