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  • Head, Hands and Feet

    See? I told you I really wasn’t changing direction all that much. I hope that you believed me. You have no reason to because I change directions on Storyteller, every chance that I get. Sometimes. This is the inside of the Chapel at St. Roch Cemetery. I think everybody who finds their way to this […]

  • The Other One

    The other one. While I was making my Easter picture selections, the choice came down to the yesterday’s picture and this one. Two things put this one in a sort of second place. First, you’ve seen it in the past if you’ve been hanging out on Storyteller for a long while. Or, a version of […]

  • St. Roch

    St. Roch. I’ve written about this place in the past. Mostly, I’ve posted pictures of the offerings of prosthetics and crutches to St. Roch for help with health issues. That’s generally what most people photograph when they come here. Just like most people, I’ve probably photographed the inside of the chapel five or six times. Or, […]

  • The Color Circle

    I was just going to write something short about color for color’s sake, wishing you a good Friday and calling it a day. Then, I started thinking about a clever headline and stumbled upon a color wheel. Everybody knows what that is, right? Using the most basic definition, it is a wheel that allows you to see how […]

  • Passing By

    I had a different picture selected for today’s post. But, I’ve been reading Jay Maisel’s book, “Light, Gesture and Color.” It started me thinking about how I work and why. I started thinking that I shoot pictures a lot like he does, except just not as well. He is, after all, one of the fathers […]

  • A Little Parade

    A neighborhood parade called ‘tit Rex. No. Not what you are thinking. ‘tit is a shortened form of petite. Rex is one of the largest Mardi Gras krewes, rolling on Fat Tuesday. This is the snarky version of that. Little Rex. Take a look at the middle picture. That’s yer typical float. Like almost every smaller […]

  • St. Roch

    Where to start? How about this? WordPress, stop making things better. Leave things alone. You only make them worse. This post was supposed to contain three pictures. But, for some reason, after uploading two pictures, WordPress won’t let me upload the last picture. Well, it uploads fine. It posts as a question mark. I give up. […]

  • The Wall of Infamy

    They say, “Don’t get mad, get even.”  It appears that someone got even. Or not. It could be the taggers whose “work” was painted over. It could be the guy who lost the business that was once located in the building.  Or, it could be an angry neighbor. Maybe, artists having fun. Or, just a […]

  • A Different Place

    So. I met this guy a few weeks ago when I was poking around what is now called “The New Bywater.” New Bywater, indeed. It’s a an area of the Upper Ninth Ward. At one time it was downriver from a neighborhood called St. Roch. Well. It still is. The neighborhood didn’t move. It was […]