New World Arisn’

N ormally, you would see Our Lady of Guadalupe paintings in some Southwestern State, usually in New Mexico. I was surprised to see this one in the Seventh Ward. This location was heavily flooded during the storm. When I made the picture there was mud, and gravel and leftover bits and pieces covering the streets.Continue reading “New World Arisn’”

A Little Swampy

Swamps. A lot of tourists come to Louisiana for only a couple of things. They say that they want to visit New Orleans. They really mean The French Quarter, or that they want to take a swamp or plantation tour.  Swamps are just about everywhere. Plantations, at least the kind most people think of, are generallyContinue reading “A Little Swampy”

Some of The Broken Stuff

This is New Orleans… but, first my illness. I think my body finally won its battle with the flu. Last night was truly hellish. By about 8 pm I was shaking, I was fever-wracked and my head was pounding. I wrote yesterday’s post as quickly as possible  and went to bed. Normally, I would justContinue reading “Some of The Broken Stuff”

Bent, Broken and Rusted

While I was poking around in The Lower Ninth Ward and I found that odd little house displaying The American Flag, I also made pictures of broken glass, broken windows and rusty walls. I just sort of photographed whatever I saw. When I was editing my take — no, make that curating my take —Continue reading “Bent, Broken and Rusted”

Don’t Ask Me.

Okay. Usually I know something about the pictures that I publish on Storyteller. Not this time. Everything confuses me. I know this house was under some pretty deep water after Hurricane Katrina blew through New Orleans. This particular area is located on the river side of the Lower Ninth Ward. This side was heavily flooded,Continue reading “Don’t Ask Me.”