Never Ending

W e listen to a lot of podcasts around here. This morning I was listening to The New York Times’ The Daily. The reporter was talking to a viral scientist. It was a pretty good interview until the reporter asked the scientist when the pandemic would end. She declined to predict that, but did sayContinue reading “Never Ending”

Weather… Or Not

The season of changes. We’ve had cool and dry weather. The best kind. Now, we have moist and warm weather. The worst kind, this early in the season. The weather blabbers on the local television stations are already talking about hurricane season. Settle down. That’s just under two months away. Anyway. I get to makeContinue reading “Weather… Or Not”

The Big Square

Yes. The big square. It made a lot of sense to me to crop the picture into a square format. Normally, I would say that square crops are sort of a vanilla design approach. It keeps the picture from showing motion. Or, direction. It’s been a fad for website designers for a while now. IContinue reading “The Big Square”

A Lesson for You All

Settle down. Everyone. All of you. Try your best to think. Try your best not to overreact. We are in the middle of one our worst years ever. Between a pumpkin-headed president who hates anybody who isn’t like him and wants badly to fight a major war, all manner of anger, nature’s fury and justContinue reading “A Lesson for You All”

Late Spring Storms

If the you live in the middle regions of the country, you sort of get used to seeing this kind of weather. Rough weather. Powerful weather. Destructive weather. I’ve long said that man can never defeat Mother Nature. Sure. We can hold her back for a while. But, at the end of the day, whetherContinue reading “Late Spring Storms”

Storm Light Too

Storm Light. One of my favorite qualities of light. There are others. Light at the ends of the day. Golden. Blue. Night. Almost anything but high noon in bright sunlight. But, first. I decided not to chase down all the storm damage in the little upriver towns. Those people have enough on their hands without havingContinue reading “Storm Light Too”

Ghost in the Machine

We all forget. New Orleans, and most of the land along the Mississippi River was once devoted to some kind of industry. Some still is. It was a very productive place. Now, not so much. Plenty of industry is still here. But, today the biggest industry is tourism. There is still lot of shipping goingContinue reading “Ghost in the Machine”

Even More Gritty

As you know, I like to experiment with my pictures. A few days ago, I published a picture similar to this one. Well, five days ago to be exact. The picture was two images away from this one in the files. I thought this particular frame was even more desolate than the original picture. So,Continue reading “Even More Gritty”

A Visit

Things are going to get a little busy around my normal posting time, so here goes. Sunday. Oh yeah. That’s gonna get a little weird too. I’ll deal with that later. Anyway. A few weeks ago, I took a couple of out-of-town friends on a tour of The Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans. TheyContinue reading “A Visit”