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  • Downtown

    There’s too much. Too much of everything. Too many pictures. Too many words. Too many blogs. Too many people trying to be what they aren’t. I probably opened my mouth when I should have kept it closed. I was reading a rather vacuous blog when someone chimed in and said her daughter’s teacher wanted her […]

  • Just Add Color

    This stuff should be easy. How much fun is it making pictures like these? You don’t even have to think, just see, just react and keep going. Given some of the blow back about planning and getting there and, and, and … You’d think I have no idea of what I’m doing. I’ll tell you […]

  • Broken

    Like a rant. Not a rant. As many of you know we had a lot of unplanned traveling this week which will trickle into next week. I keep saying that we hope to be home by January 9th, but even that’s questionable. We did something that we never do. We flew private. Given Southwestern’s total […]

  • Little Mysteries

    Mysteries within symbols within a taco. 619 is the area code for San Diego. The reflected image is found in the Lower Garden District of New Orleans. The reason that they are in the same frame is one of those mysteries to me. Another mystery of the OMG variety just happened two seconds ago. WordPress […]

  • Cold, Cold, Cold

    W hen I talk about photographing on assignment many people think it’s all glamour and excitement. Now, that I work in the background of making music I know that glamour is the last thing on anybody’s minds. It’s hard work and most of it sucks. Getting back to strictly photography, I once wrote that I […]

  • Bring The Donut Army

    B efore I tell you about New York City and these pictures let me tell you about the headline. I was listening to a podcast. One of the presenters told a bad joke. It was along the lines of what do donuts say to people who are eating them? There are dozens of us. This […]

  • I Forgive It All

    There are times when I forget what I’ve done in the past. I made this picture four years ago and I cannot remember doing it. I probably made it on the way to someplace else like a second line. You know me. I’m not a fan of useless data. But, sometimes it helps. Here’s a […]

  • Goin’ Back

    G oing back even further. Back to around 1980 to be exact. Back to a time when pictures were made on film. Black and white film called Tri-X. Its ISO was 400 but it could be manipulated in exposure and development. I’d like to say that those were the days. But, they weren’t. I worked […]

  • Little Green

    T here’s no mystery to this picture. See the subject, talk to him for a minute and ask if I could photograph him. But, I wanted to open up the picture and turn it into something the verges on the edge of high key. That meant dropping out a lot of background detail which I […]