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  • Bag ‘o Bones

    Ooh spooky. How much is that skeleton in the window, the one with the long gray hair? Okay, that’s weird. We are into the last couple of weeks before Halloween. It’s gonna be a little boring out here in the field. But, there is plenty to do in C’ville. So, we’ll do it there. The […]

  • And, Finally

    It’s not that I’m out of pictures of Super Sunday. It’s because I’ve used my takeĀ for a week. I may be boring you. And, the cultureĀ is hard to understand. Especially if you don’t live in New Orleans. Even though it doesn’t look it, there is a lot of ritual. A lot of protocol. A lot […]

  • Life. In The Way.

    Yes. Sometimes life jumps into your world and disrupts plans. In this case, as you know, I’ve been working on two big projects. “Ten Years Later” and “The Chitlin’ Circuit.” But, New Orleans culture got in the way. Sort of. That is, if you consider the Downtown Mardi Gras Indians Super Sunday getting in the […]

  • Everything Ends Where It Begins. Two.

    I thought I’d end this week as it began. Mardi Gras Indians. Super Sunday. Portraits. Great Faces. Colorful Suits. And, Tomorrow? Something different. Maybe something with a little spring in the air. We’ll see.

  • Super Sunday Portraits

    Hmmm…. I made too many pictures. Somewhere near 1,500 exposures in four hours. In my defense, you never know what you’re going to get when you’re being jostled around. When you are walking backwards. When the scene in front of you changes in milliseconds. When people are popping into the frame from anywhere. That’s why […]