Not California

R escued from my archives. I found this picture while I was looking for something else. That’s sort of the way I make pictures, on the way to some place else. The funny thing about the picture is that the subject doesn’t exist. Not anymore. It was a designer’s idea as part of the landscapingContinue reading “Not California”

Hey Tomorrow

Sometimes pictures aren’t really about things so much as they are about what they make the viewer feel. I was playing around with layering when suddenly I smiled. This picture was on my monitor. It helped me feel lighter. I was talking with a friend of mine about what art in general did for theContinue reading “Hey Tomorrow”


All the yellows of the day. There’s a song with that line in it, but I can’t remember it. Not Kodachrome. That was “greens of summer.” There’s a little place by the sidewalk that I can be sure to find dandelions. Every year. Right about now. I don’t know about you, but they make meContinue reading “Changes”

A Little Too Much

I changed my mind. I wrote a fairly long post about me. I think I went a lot further than I intended. So, here I am writing something entirely different. It’s about teaching and letting go. Many of my posts are purely about photography. My intent is to teach even if I don’t expressly sayContinue reading “A Little Too Much”

A Day To Remember

Memorial Day. Flowers for the fallen. I participated in a couple of events today, so I’m a bit late posting. No matter. Those that I honored are late every day. Or early. Depending on how you look at it. After a quick scan of Facebook, I saw about a million posts of flags. And, crosses.Continue reading “A Day To Remember”

Daylight Again

“Daylight again. Following me to bed. I think about a hundred years ago. How my fathers bled. I think I see a valley. Covered with bones in blue. All the brave soldiers that cannot get older. Been asking after you. Hear the past a calling. From Armageddon’s side. When everyone’s talking and no one is listening.Continue reading “Daylight Again”

A Change Came

What a difference a day makes. For the past few days, we’ve had nothing but storms. Rain. Wind. Humidity. Truth be told, we haven’t really seen blue skies very much over the past few weeks. But. Today came. It always does, doesn’t it? We went outside to begin a morning walk. I knew it wasContinue reading “A Change Came”

Out on The Road, Again… Finally.

So. I couldn’t take it anymore. After being house bound for just a few days cabin fever set in. I just had to get out of the house and make a few pictures. Luckily, my head cleared a lot and I felt better than I have in days. She did too. In fact, she wasContinue reading “Out on The Road, Again… Finally.”


So. I went out looking for one kind of picture. I came back with this. What’s a young photographer to do? Or, an old one. For that matter. The picture? Walk around and find it. When I did. I made a few frames. 158 to be exact. I got my shoes wet. And, I almostContinue reading “Nature”